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Content marketing is has always been the simplest way to catch the attention of thousands. In a good day of a marketer they can get started with the work quite easily, but there are again days when they keep scratching their heads, almost have taken off 4-5 hairs from the scalp. Trying to know which content will actually increase the urge of reading becomes hard for many of the marketers.

If you are someone who is regularly losing hairs to find the trending contents, then I would stay hold your hair. We have something great for you.

This is not any rocket science, while this is something where you need to calm your mind and thick from customer’s perspective. Brainstorming for relevant topics can be simplified just by these simple tricks. Most of the time we marketers tend to run behind the trending topics, but if you look around most of the people are not bothered about the trending topics.

All you need to check is finding relevant contents as per your industry. Yes, this is all you need but as usual we all know that blogging doesn’t proffer overnight results, it require patience. Lots and lots of patience. So here I will discuss about the three simple yet effective ways to find relevant contents.

Step 1: Make Use Of Your Audience:

Your primary step needs to be finding out where you can get your audience. Try to know where your audiences are active? It might be Twitter or Reddit or Imgur! When it is about finding the trending contents, firstly you need to have complete knowledge regarding the audience and use every single use of it.

The same trick was used by Asos for the winter campaign. They made in-depth research and in the entire process of getting ready, they targeted their audience correctly and made a successful campaign. Well, this is sure that not all of us can be like Asos, but you can definitely know where you can gather some information. That will help to formulate the campaigns which will be like blessing for your business.

You can find various social media monitoring tools available in the internet and use them to generate contents. Some of the top tools are RiteTag, TweetDeck and Google Trends. Trust me; I do the same for when it comes to identifying the trending topics. This helps to gain audience and more audience. ?

Another famous brand is the Anastasia Beverly Hills which uses some of the top hashtags in the cosmetic industry. If you want to promote your brand, then use the hashtags of your industry and based on the topics. Instagram can be a great start as a marketing channel. Using the hashtags you can even find the trending topics.

I this was all about finding the relevant topics.


Step 2: More Relevant, Stay on Top:

The crucial part of concern while drafting content is keeping it relevant. You need to understand the difference between what we marketers think that the audience will love this and what they really prefer reading. When you create content as per your way of what they like, it is like creating a blurred image. This is just a waste of time as it will not become valuable for your audience as well as business. Mostly readers prefer reading content which will give them a better understanding about the topic and something that they can use every day.

One if the biggest example is the Airbnb. Since they understood it they used it in their campaign previous year. They understood that the travellers don’t want to see fancy things, but they want to be explored from the perspective of travellers.

If you start following this thumb rule, you can definitely win the race.

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Step 3: Keep it Very Simple:

While writing you need to understand that not everyone has a strong vocabulary and no one wants to Google the meaning every time. So if you want followers, all you need I to keep it simple, digestible yet very interesting. Don’t use words where the readers need to re read the paragraphs. Implement more humour, ask more questions and then give the answers.

All you need to understand is to make sure that your readers don’t back-off halfway. Your contents need to have the magnetizing power to keep the audience eyeballs stuck to every line. Don’t be too much formal and professional, explore the humorous and interactive side of ours and then jot it down in your contents. Trending contents with simple writing is the key.

I hope, my content kept your eyeballs stuck. ?

All you need to know that the content and its topic is the primary aspect that decides the level of your blog. Start writing informative contents in a simple manner and witness the change in the number of visitors with a few weeks.

I hope, I was able to give the information that you were looking for. Don’t forget to like, comment and share your reviews.

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