Tips to ensure a good long battery life of your Laptop


In the modern age people most likely to spend time on their laptop more. So,its very important to take care of your loving gadget.Here,we discuss few tips to ensure a good long battery life of your gadget.

This guide is mainly focused on lithium-ion batteries,used in modern laptops.

1) Don’t Always put Your Laptop in Charging:

First full charge your laptop. After that,used to keep it between 40 to 80 percentage. It helps to prolong your battery life four times more than normal. To do this you have to keep your eye on your battery percentage all time. If you leave your laptop at home, then remember to shut it down and keep it unplugged on a desk,not a couch. Most importantly,you should also fully charge and discharge your laptop’s battery at least one time at a month. Paying attention on that shouldn’t be a problem. Set a remainder on your phone if you need.

2) Keep your Laptop Cool:

Room temperature is fine for your gadget. Science most laptops are made with lithium based batteries,should be stored in temperatures between 50 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. There are many ways to check your laptop is not continiously having climacterical hot flashes. Mostly these are located on the back of the laptop,near the top of the computer. If you keep it in bed,couch or lap, you are likely blocking the airflow which causes the computer to overheat. And overheating will muddle your laptop’s battery life.

3) Update Softwares of your Machine:

Most companies are constantly looking for actions to improve battery life of their customers via software updates. You may fear to change it or update it but mostly this change can boost up your battery life. so make sure that you are using latest software’s in your computer. Make sure your laptop is properly shut down.

4) Never Leave It just There:

If you are forced to leave your laptop for more than a month don’t worry,you only have to check that the laptop battery is 50 percent charged. And never forget to keep it in a relatively cool place.

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