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Flappy Bird pulled down from iTunes and Google Play app Stores.


Flappy Bird appears to have been grounded.The game’s manufacturer confined his word and this leads to hit on the mobiles pulled down on Sunday, ending a little but magnificent climb up the graphs on Apple’s App Store as well as Google Play. The game’s official web pages on both together stores are completely pulled, and all glimpse of Flappy Bird over-top Games graphs appears to have been scrubbed.

Lovers of Flappy Bird who nonetheless have got the game on their Smartphone or tablet are still able to play. Other folks who afterward removed the game have the ability to download and use the game again by using their purchase history on whichever iTunes or Google Play.

Dong Nguyen, who developed the game in only two – three days, was creating as much cash as $50,000( £30 ,482) in a day from the game’s advertising campaign revenue .After pulled down from iTunes or Google Play app store.100s of Smartphone with”FlappyBird” configured have instantly appeared for sale that results on eBay at selling Prices around $15, 000.Previous full week, “Flappy Bird” had the average four-star rating from over and above    543, 000 reviews in the Apple App Store and 228,000 on Android. A lot of the reviews were long and then players’ really going cuckoo after actively playing the overall game. “I can inform Flappy Bird is productive of mine,” Nguyen on 8th Feb dropped a line via Twitter. “Additionally it ruins my simple and easy lifestyle, the reason behind it gets a barrage of demise threats on  Twitter. Consequently I dislike it.”   

Flappy Bird conjointly gained scrutiny for its proper visual design and style, making use of green pipes that endure a almost exactly the same resemblance to those included in the Super Mario Bros .Gaming series. Nonetheless, Nguyen insists the game’s eradication “is nothing at all linked to legal issues.” Pulled down the game ensued a tweet by Nguyen on Saturday, telling he intended to yank the famous game from app stores. “I simply cannot siphon that anymore,” he published this line on Twitter.

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