Tips for the content relaunch to Increase Traffic & Improve Search Visibility.


There are a lot of websites that are getting older in the world wide web: The contributions seem outdated, the offer is not up-to-date, the design is no longer up-to-date. Business owners should make a point of making their own website a lucrative figurehead that offers the visitor real added value and increases sales. In order to achieve this, a well structured content relaunch is necessary in many cases . We’ll explain what to look out for when planning and executing, and what ingredients are needed to get your website up and running!

Content relaunch: Setting goalsContent relaunch -Setting goals

The first step is to define the goals to be achieved with the content relaunch. This helps you to plan your approach and align your strategy accordingly. Key destinations include:

  • Increase the range
  • Address new target groups
  • Branding / increasing the level of awareness
  • Generating traffic
  • Increase in conversions – more transactions through an enlarged customer base


It is also important to examine the current performance of your website. So you can find out about which sub-pages clients are attracted to and which content has room for improvement.

Determine actual stats

Determine actual stats

To ensure a successful content relaunch, you should first recognize the vulnerabilities of your website. Find out where changes are needed and what specific actions you need to take to generate more customers.

It is quite possible that you are already providing helpful information or offers on your website that may be of interest to potential users, but that are not adequately presented and therefore not found.

If your content relaunch recipe is to succeed, including web analytics tools is one of the key ingredients. Only then will you be able to identify and revise weak content. There are a lot of different tools available for this.

Although Google Analytics is the most common, you can of course use any other web analytics tool that suits you. The free variants include, for example, Piwik and Open Web Analytics, while with Etracker and the Digital Marketing Suite Adobe also offers numerous paid options with more features.

It is important that you receive a meaningful analysis: Based on the data collected, you can determine which of your sub-pages are rarely or never visited and where urgent changes are required.

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Bounce rate: the insufficient content indicator

Web analytics tools provide a variety of useful features. Using the bounce rate can you understand from various pages, for example, the behavior of visitors.

Web analytics tools to verify performance

google analytics - Bounce Rate

The bounce rate indicates which pages contain incorrect or irrelevant content because they are immediately “clicked away” by the user.

In other words, the higher the bounce rate of a sub-page, the more urgently this should be revised. Keep the saying “time is money” in mind: The visitor wants to reach the desired destination quickly and with the least possible effort. Your content should therefore be presented clearly and succinctly.

Sub-pages with low ranking

Around 70 percent of all clicks are the top 5 Google search results. In order to attract as many customers as possible, it must therefore be your goal to become more present on Google Search.

Consequently, a content relaunch is necessary above all for the subpages, which do not generate any significant calls via the organic search .

SEO measures to improve the ranking

SEO measures to improve the ranking

In order to achieve better positioning in the Google search results, you need one thing above all: search engine optimized content. In order to improve your website, you need to analyze the search behavior of your potential customers. Which keywords are used? What questions do users have and how can you present the right solutions on your website? In this context, a careful keyword research is the alpha and omega.

Identifies the keywords with the most search volume and other search terms that best represent the content on your respective subpage.

These keywords should now be placed on your website. This can be problematic, especially when it comes to copywriting – but it does help to improve Google’s visibility and be listed as a relevant result for as many search queries as possible. Our tips:

  • Build the main keyword in the URL of the subpage.
  • Include important keywords in the names (especially in the old tags) of pictures and graphics.
  • Customize the metadata.
  • Avoids duplicate content – does not optimize multiple pages on one and the same keyword.
  • Uses the most important keywords in the headings.
  • Align your texts to the search queries of your potential customers.

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Make sure you write the text for your customers and not for Google. What questions does the user have that lead him to your site? What answers can you give him? In this context, it helps to cover so-called W questions:

  • What is your product?
  • What is your product needed for?
  • What can your product do, what other products can not do?
  • What services do you provide to your customers?


No user wants to be hit by huge blocks of text or find phrases that unnecessarily stretch the sentences. Stick to the rule of thumb: as short as possible, but as detailed as necessary. Includes data, uses lists and tables.

As a result, the user not only quickly reaches the desired destination – Google also evaluates the presence of such elements positively.

Good content – all a question of presentation

When a visitor reaches your website for the first time, the existing image material initially serves as an eye-catcher. Take advantage of this and use images and infographics that match your offer. It is also important that the design of your website creates a coherent overall picture .

Adds a simple, logical menu structure and internal links – helps the visitor find the exact content he or she is looking for with as little effort as possible.

Together, we’ll find the ideal best ways for your content relaunch. So, share your tips with me and my blog readers. I am looking forward to your comment!

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