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A lot of people were disappointed at the news release that Facebook had acquired Whats App for a surprising $19 billion. Regardless of Facebook’s assurances to never put advertising within the service, there is always talk, it’s hardly possible the social network is likely to be prepared to invest such a lot of capital on a service but not change to tweak it somehow.

On first looks, Telegram has been just like Whats App. You must have the number of the recipient that allows you to text message them, can talk to personal contacts individually or in special interest groups, and know the recipient has received as well as read your texts by means of a single as well as double mark system – totally like WhatsApp. But where it differs to Whats App really makes it interesting.

If you currently are a user that realizes Whats App slow down and slack at the time of use , Telegram could offer the speed boost that you are currently trying to find . We’ve worked with the app before now by ourselves and can ensure that navigating around the user interface as well as several chat configurations is blazing fast .

Telegram app for Android & iPhone additionally gives the ability that users may discover very helpful – secret chat mode . Applying this setting , users will be able to send message text to the other Telegram user with applied encryption measures . The developers have said that this statement is only able to be read by its purporting recipient .Most importantly , all data files sent in a secret chat mode is not stored on their servers to make sure that all messages are 100% private between the two users . It is avaible for Android and iPhone both.

The app today has thirty-five million active members on a monthly basis . About 15 million active users will be using Telegram on a daily basis , and throughout the last 1 month , the app has received eight billion text messages . That is definitely a massive boost in usage for Telegram .

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