Smart Content Curation Ideas For The Social Platforms


When it is about posting contents for the social media then it is often a challenge for the marketers. As in the world of so many competitive companies, we don’t post just for posting, but also you want to offer information about hour particular industry to engage more audience and better promotion.

Content curation ideas can be very hectic but when you have in-depth knowledge about it, you can get better results.

Posts Related To Company:

When you will find people following you, it means you have something informative to offer to the readers. Visiting you profile means, you have something good to learn about. When you give company related posts, it is actually an advantageous way to let audience know more about you about what you actually do and who you are.


When you company has testimonials and you customers write regular product reviews, you will actually get more customers. Don’t forget to share about your own experience with the company. This helps potential customers understand more about your services.

Case Studies:

Nothing can be as louder and clear about the hard and facts. When you have relevant case studies regarding winning works that you have been doing for the customers, start making use of social media channels.

Engage Audience:

Start more engagement with the followers that you have in your social media channels. When you start engaging with your followers, they start believing that you have a voice and want to know about their needs.

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Ask Questions:

The more you ask questions to your readers, the better the engagement is. Questions build up suspense in the mind of readers.


You can start setting up polls and wait for the followers to respond. For this, Twitter is definitely a great platform.

Hold Contest:

As we all know hashtags have taken the entire market which is why catchy hashtags are a trendy marketing stuff. Also, do let your followers know that the winners will receive services or products for free. As you all know, we all just love free products.

Photos of Audience:

When you have your followers and they are buying from your company, make sure you ask pictures from them along with their reviews. When you are posting pictures as well as the reviews, you are actually putting more stars on your reputation.

Give Your Audience What They Need:

All you need is to let the followers tell what they are looking for. This will also give you knowledge about content ideas.

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Industry Associated Posts:

Have you ever heard about the 80/20 rule? If you have not then you are not yet a pro digital marketer. This is the thumb rule of content promotion where 80% of the content will consist of information related to industry and only 20% will be promotional. When you keep posting about the trends of the industry and topics related to the latest news, you will actually become a leader among the peers.

News About The Industry:

Have you heard anything that is related to the field, which have actually turned everyone’s eye towards it? If you have heard something like that, then all you need is to write about that topic and then share with the audience using your social media channels. In such scenario, setting up Google alert is actually very helpful to know about the latest news.

Event Announcement:

Well another great way of attracting customers is by organizing events. When you have event, then consider letting your customers know about it. Also invite them to the event in order to let them know more about you.


There is no doubt that blog is a great medium to attract more and more readers, which is why you require a solid experienced team for content curation ideas.

Well, definitely there are various other ways to entertain your customers and engage more of them. Hopefully the aforementioned points will help you understand the more about it.

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