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Signals: A Tool to Track Real Time Google Algorithm Updates


Renewing and improving the tools are something that we constantly strive for. In today’s business when business environment is exponentially transforming, there is always a need for reinventing as it is not only a necessity, but it is the job for businesses.

In today’s updated scenario, finding effective tools that can let you know about the updates is a blessing. The latest cognitiveSEO tool “Signals” can be a great choice for marketers. What is the need for this tool? It actually keep online business run well and go safe. Are you thinking, how? They keep monitoring the SERPs so that you will be notified when any important news is there regarding the rank fluctuations and Google updates. Most importantly, it’s real time.

When it is about the Google Algorithm Updates or changes, cognitiveSEO Signals is one of those tools that you definitely need to keep in your list. We all know that for the marketers, these updates are a nuclear bomb where survival of the fittest rather genuine is being tested.

When you are able to monitor and comprehend the prime reasons for the fluctuations, to will keep you in the top both for the long and short run. You can get rid of unexpected penalty and will give an insight on the right direction to move.

If you keep following this tool and tailor strategies based on the results, you can definitely avoid drop in the ranking. The alerts will constantly back you with knowledge.

The Constant Challenge of Google Algorithm Updates:

The major updates in the Google algorithm are publicized and also attract open discussion. Some of these are being adopted inconspicuously which as a reason leaves the online marketers scratching their heads. This is the main reason for fluctuation is the ranks.

Since we are update hunter and we have witnessed how these algorithm updates can actually affect businesses, we always come up with more and more information. When not abided by the rules, one can lose their throne within a few hours. Not only, there has been only bad news or we are trying to scare you, but we are telling you the truth. In some cases, where people have kept an eye, they have been rewarded with better rankings thereby keeping the online business safe and secured.

How Can You Keep The Business Safe Or cognitiveSEO Signals:

One of the prime concerns of everyone is to their online business safe and secured. To make you understand that regarding the Google’s real time updates, this cognitiveSEO signals can be a great choice.

signals Google Algorithm Updates

Other Features of cognitiveSEO Signals:

If you are still thinking whether this new “Signal” is the right signal or not, where is a short resume that we have prepared for you to check whether this tool is apt for your business or not.

Hourly Updated Data:

With the Signal tool, one can easily visualize and track these changes as these will happen with the updated hourly chart. Even if you are not some savvy, the data is designed in a way that it becomes very easy to comprehend the fluctuations as these are marked as high, medium and normal. Moreover, the change score that is present there will provide complete information on the changes.

Impressive Data Set:

This is one such platform where you can monitor your keywords without any restrictions or limitations. Whenever there is an issue, you can get to know whether the issue is due to changes in Google approach or natural fluctuation.

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Granular Data for Complete Interpretation:

This particular app has kept in mind about the different kinds of problems that marketers face and which is why, one can easily funs tune their analysis by adjusting their time period and variation in fluctuation chart.  This is a crucial tool for everyone as not every time everyone is flexible to the trends and cannot even spot the changes. Here one can observe the data the way they want. Here you can get a detailed report of the fluctuations from 10, 20 and 50 positions but if you can’t, you can also customize it to 3, 5 or 10 position.

Once you set these, you can actually find the importance and understand the places where you are lacking.

Alerts Will Be Directly Sent In The Inbox:

If you think, you are not able to keep an eye on this tool; you can opt for the subscription. All you need is a valid email address and then get your email subscribed. You can stay up to date about the fluctuations and keep your marketing bar high. In this way you can find the Google updates and get ready to handle the drop in the rankings that is coming in your way.

signals Alerts Directly In Inbox

Get Updates for 12 Countries on Mobile, Desktop and also Local Level:

If you are in this realm for quite a while, then you might know that the Google Algorithm Updates are not similar throughout the world. It might happen that you can observe huge fluctuations in Canada whereas things have not been any major updates in France. But when it is about marketing, you are focusing on the global audience, which brings the need for knowing the updates happening worldwide. As it is very hard to keep searching about the updates based on countries, this is again a great choice to know the algorithm updates.

Since this is new to the market, currently you can get real time updates for 12 major countries like Australia, Germany, USA, UK, Spain, Canada, Italy, France, Netherlands, India, Turkey and Romania. The best part of this new tool is that “It is new” and more updates are yet to come out.



signals Google Algorithm Updates

Best Is Still There:

This is definitely a great tool for the businesses and to get more understanding about the track that you are running. Also you get to know what exactly you need to do and where you have to focus. Moreover, being a new tool in the market, more features are yet to arrive.

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Google keeps rolling up new updates and making sure to work as per the rules is a necessity. With this tool and constant observation, no more it will be hard to get the rank higher. Making your space in the first page can be possible with such informative features and data.

So make sure you get this tool today and use all the free features in order to get the rank higher.

I hope I was able to provide you with valuable information about this tool. Don’t forget to like and share if you find it helpful. Also, don’t forget to subscribe if you want to get daily updates.

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