SEO best practices 2015 to BOOST your search rankings

seo best practices

I’ve worked with dozens of companies to help improve their digital marketing and have discovered a very reliable process for boosting your search rankings. We need to adopt seo best practices 2015 to boost search rankings. SO, I have discuss some practices in this post, which is really boost your search rankings:

Step 1. Build target profiles

Knowing your target market is absolutely critical to your marketing success. The type of people you target will dictate all other marketing decisions that you make. Create very clear profiles for each of your primary customer types (and remember to create profiles for your “anti-target” or those who are not in your sights).

Step 2. Outline topics

Once you clearly define your target market, the next step to BOOST your search rankings is to understand what those people search for online. If you are targeting professional chefs, you probably don’t want to talk about brain surgery. Make a very clear outline of the topics and keywords that will be your main goal to rank well for.

Step 3. Observe ACE

Now that you know what you want to rank for, next up is taking stock of your current ranking situation. Take a deep dive into each of the factors within ACE and create a plan to improve each section of Architecture, Content, and Endorsements.

ACE is the entire search algorithm in one word. To make it easy for you, I have distilled all of the factors in the search engine down into three categories: Architecture, Content, and Endorsements.


Architecture focuses on how search engines index and understand your site. It’s the structure of how your content is consumed by both users and search engines.


Content focuses on transitioning your website from a dictionary definition to an entire encyclopedia about the topics your target market is searching for. It’s saying the right thing at the right time.


Endorsements are the voting system for search engine optimization success. It’s the popularity contest that helps your site gain the consensus of the web.

All together now, the real SEO magic happens when you can improve each of the elements found within ACE to a point that is better than your competition for the keywords you’re targeting.

Accomplish that, and search engines will have no choice but to rank your site over your competitors and bring some fantastic, relevant, and cheap traffic to your website!

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Step 4. Strengthen ACE

Okay, so you’ve got a game plan to improve ACE for the topics in Step 2, now it’s time to make it happen. Take each update one step at a time and make sure you implement everything accurately with quality and focus at the forefront.

Step 5. Track success

Give your updates some time to make an impact, then take a look at your success metrics to see how well your new SEO program has worked for you. Some KPI’s I recommend are visits from organic search, number of keywords ranking for, rank for core topics, and most importantly revenue generated from organic search.

Step 6: Repeat

Once you’ve completed the entire BOOST process, it’s time to start over. You see, SEO is an ongoing, long-term play. Even if you’ve done everything perfectly your first time around, it’s crucial to double and triple-check your work. Further, it’s so important to reevaluate your future plans based on Step 5. If you’re seeing success, try to scale what’s working. If you’re not seeing success, try to make adjustments to get there.

Finally, I highly recommend reviewing Step 1 once per quarter or so because user behavior changes often and the more intentional you push toward accurate target profiles, the better off you’ll be.

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