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Instant Heart rate monitor app for android or any Smart phone.


Instant Heart Rate is one among the most appropriate Heart rate monitor app for android or any Smart phone also it absolutely does not have need of any kind of external hardware . It is the most popular Health-related & Fitness app on Mobile Premier Awards 2011 as demonstrated by jury of industry professionals. This app is developed by Azumio. Azumio is the leader in biofeedback health care applications on mobile platforms.

This means it’s not a substitute for a doctor’s office workplace, but the app’s project developers found a smart strategy to make use of the phone’s camera to generate unexpectedly appropriate readings of your own heartbeat. There’s on top of that the ability to graph or chart your heart rates as time goes by.

How Instant Heart rate monitor app works:

All you have just to do is hold your fingertip on your Smart phone camera lens for approximately 15 sec. After a few seconds, the apps will be started monitoring your heart rate and this will show on your Smart phone screen in the form of graphs or charts of your pulse. Now it’s taken 10 second to calculate your heart rate measurement and display results in your Smart phone screen.

It’s also given us a feature to share our pulse rate using Instant Heart rate monitor app on social media profile with your friends. And tell them about your fitness.

Now we discuss on the heart rate range:

  • Normal Heart beat range is lies between 60-100,
  • Low heart beat range is lies below 60,
  • And High heart beat range is lies above 100.

Note: This above mention heart beat range is applied for 10years of age or older because people having below 10years of age, it will vary according to their age.

See how it will monitor your Heart rate using this video.

Utilize Instant Heart rate monitor app for optimizing your physical activity and to keep track of your progress. 
Accuracy and reliability are consistently tested out by physical fitness mentors, nurses, doctors, EMTs and more than 5 million users like us.Instantly you have got the opportunity to keep track of your fitness as well as health condition every-time only with your Smart phone.

It’s Provides:

  • Heart rate measurements.
  • Real time PPG graph – take a look at your each and every heart beat 
  • Cardio exercise workout monitoring 

Note: – It will work best on the Smart phone having flash available. On that Smart phone which has no flash, then you need to use it with good lighting.

If you will want to download its android version, then please visit below Google play store link.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=si.modula.android.instantheartrate&hl=en

If you want to download its iPhone version, then please visit below iTunes store link.https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/instant-heart-rate-heart-rate/id409625068?mt=8   

Or you can directly download this app form Azumio official website according to your compatible device: http://www.azumio.com/apps/heart-rate/

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