Importance Of Video In Marketing For Your Business

Importance Of Video In Marketing

We all know that Google is the largest search engine in the world and the backbone of many businesses, including e-commerce. But do you know which is the second largest search engine in the world? It’s YouTube! Founded in 2005 and bought by Google at $ 1.65 billion next year, it’s now one of the most widely used platforms in the world, with users spending over $ 1 billion a day. This automatically shows the importance of videos in marketing and branding strategies, whether for consumers or creators.

Not only are videos an important part of the marketing mix these days, but in most cases they are the core of marketing strategies. Here are the top 8 reasons to fully immerse yourself in video marketing, if you have not already done so:


The videos help explain and the explanation helps consumers:

Ask yourself what is easier and more interesting to look at: a generic text or a video? Marketers can write paragraphs. However, a simple video helps consumers better understand the product, which increases the buying intent of many consumers.


The videos are striking:

We can follow the saying “The beginning is well done!” With digital ads being bombarded on our social networks and on mobile screens, the best battle marketer’s face today is getting people to see them. Global and boring are not noticeable; it’s the videos that catch your eye. Our eyes are programmed to be attracted to the movements. When videos are viewed, our brains are automatically focused on them.

Brand identification and memory at stake!


You know how things are today:

Many brands create different stories for their products and fill their digital space every second of the day. How can you manage to survive in such a difficult competition? The memory of the brand is the Holy Grail and the videos are the project you need to feed your customers. In simpler terms, create a video that instantly calls your brand/product. Trust us, the investment is worthwhile.

Engagement makes digital media and videos shine!

Yes, first of all the interest of the target group should be aroused, and there is no better way than a video to generate the enthusiasm. By implementing a simple science, people like to share content through digital channels, and the human brain can more easily process and interpret video. By combining two and two, videos are more likely to increase participation in social networks. I do not just like comments and opinions, but also concrete measures and reach!

One for all; everything for one!

A basic feature of videos that makes them the king of all content is their ability to synchronize with all other content forms: text, melody, links, etc. This is the only way to have such a capacity that makes them soul every marketing strategy makes! In addition, there are no restrictions such as number of characters, playing time, etc.


Reinforce and enrich the brand experience:

Everything is related to the journey from. Previously, it was hand-painted canvases that represented the message of a brand. Then we go to the print media and then gradually to digitization, where again the big changes are clearly visible. We start with only publications, and then we go to the pictures. Now it’s time for the videos. All changes serve to enhance and enrich the brand experience. So if you have a video that communicates the message or storytelling of your brand, consumers will probably appreciate it more than just publishing or pictures.

All channels find sexy videos!

Popular channels like Facebook and Google change their algorithm from time to time. This leads to a sharp decline in traffic to commercial sites, with no choice but to pay a considerable number of channels for paid advertising. With this information in mind, we found that video was a positive reinforcement for businesses in these challenging times, provided the channels are diverse and not limited to the most popular ones. So put on your belt and get videos on LinkedIn and Instagram, guys!


Video generates organic traffic:

Say hello! Improve ROI by using video in your marketing strategy. It is not a question of space research when it comes to analyzing the correlation between video and organic traffic, as the statistics are watching you. In a week, we’ve added more social channel videos, including those that came in the era of cable television. That said, video is the key to unlocking your brand’s digital potential and is omnipresent: your pockets, in your office, at home, on your journey, everywhere!


Just as pizza is the most popular food when you are hungry, so video is also your target market in today’s digital world. If you are considering a results-oriented branding strategy, you must change the rules of the game so that videos in each channel that are accessed by existing or potential customers are the king of the content.

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