Six Ways To Dilute The Value Of Your “About Us” Page

Dilute The Value Of Your About Us Page

This seems to be one of the simplest and least important pages of all websites. However, research has shown that one side of “us” of lesser quality points the way forward in the wrong direction.

The fact is that this is the only page where you can tell your target audience about everything you need to know about your business. Or at least whatever you want them to know, they can form a positive opinion of who you are and what you do.

However, evidence suggests that many companies are still making a number of mistakes. If you encounter any of the following threats, you could cause serious harm to your business and website:

1. Only me and me:

At first, it’s not about you. Do not be fooled by the title: The About us page is about showing customers how they can benefit. What does it mean to talk strategically about your business to focus on your needs, expectations and functioning? In contrast, you brag and brag about your talent.

2. There is no indication of your purpose:

You probably already know what you are selling and / or doing. But what about the business purpose? Why are you doing what you do and what makes you different? Focus on the reasons and explain why your business exists, in addition to its obvious role as a financier.

3. You have no right to answer:

In many cases, those who want to contact you on a whim, do not have to worry about your email address, go to your account and write an email. On the contrary, if it’s so easy to just put a few words in a few boxes on your “About us” page, you’re more likely to get in touch with them.

4. All texts, without pictures:

Since the importance of these pages is often overlooked, many companies do not pay attention to their overall appearance. The rest of the site is filled with shocking pictures: this page contains only boring and uninterrupted text. Given the critical importance of your “About us” page, you should take your visual presentation seriously.

5. Missing links:

If the content of the page convinces readers that you really are the truth, you’ll probably want to take a look at your favorite products and pages. Therefore, you should consider including at least a handful of links accordingly.

6. TMI (too much information):

If you have a lot to say about your company and cannot leave anything out, you should spread your story across multiple pages. One of the worst things you can do is put too much information on your “About us” page, as it almost scares your readers at a glance.

If you are not sure, your developer or web agency may not be the best resource. Try to find an online marketing consultant with website marketing experience.

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