How to use Facebook for business marketing online?


Online advertising can help your business reach over one billion people or more. But, how will you target your audience? depending on the demographic. Is it possible for you to talk to your customer’s directly and inform them with the new product or feature being provided by your business, through online advertisement? My answer is NO as you do not have any system in placed socially to determine the above, unless you are using facebook for business to show your Advertisement. Facebook has got over a billion users and through their technology it is possible for a business owner to reach and showcase their product. Facebook through their facebook page application can allow you as a business owner to directly talk to your potential customer. If you want to know about Social Media Marketing Strategies then read our article Social Media Marketing Strategies to Improve Your Efforts in 2014.

Sale VS Like:

When you create a Facebook marketing strategy, it is very important to think as business owner what you want to achieve? Is your goal only to drive traffic to your website –  it may become a s a web shop where visitors can make a purchase only or you want to drive traffic to a Facebook  page where visitors  will “like” and appreciate what you offer?. Many businesses in general do benefit from both. So, it is possible that a combination of both is a best choice.


Facebook is a straightforward way to advertise your business. You make external-website ads and when someone clicks, he/she is directed to your website, where a purchase/sign-up is made. This way of using Facebook for business has proven successful for companies. When you do it, you’ll surely get results the right away. In order to understand that you need to compare how much amount was spent on Facebook ads to the revenue. This will give you clear picture, whether or not you need to change or continue your campaign in on Facebook.


As a business’s you may see awesome results, when advertising a product or a service, by sending visitors to your fan page where they need to like the page and to see the offer. Later on, they can move out of the page to make a purchase. When you do your advertising in these steps, you can certainly your brand with sales.

In general, a lot of businesses have one main reason for being of Facebook. They just need a fan base and not online sales. It can be a physical shop, a restaurant, a clothing store or any company that’s on Facebook to raise brand awareness. In that case an ad directly to the website may not be the right choice. Instead you need people to like your Facebook page where you can talk to them through comment, run a contest, invite them to polls and other activities. The primary goal is to have fans, which are active and they can spread the word their friends, which is always profitable for any business.

Marketing on Facebook:

Facebook provides an excellent opportunity to reach the target audience with a personal approach. To succeed, with Facebook you don’t need to be Czar of IT.

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