how can Google maps help your business?

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Are you a small business owner?, and rely on advertising a lot to generate revenue, you might have also experienced, different directory services and even might have spent countless hours online searching for different ways to advertise your business or products, for your small business with a small budget. Then you need to think about Google maps as through Google maps, you can easily let people know about your services. The service provided by Google map is absolutely free.

I am sure that you’re familiar with the Google’s name in term of its search engine, but there is a lot more than just searching. Google through Google Maps provides a service that offers mapping technology to different businesses.

Just Imagine you avail some of the major directory listings, which are published throughout the world, and then mapping your location and your business details to individual listing using their publications into a dynamic, scrollable and searchable map interface. This is what exactly Google Maps does. It will list your business to Google Maps and then presents your business to different individual, who later will become your customer. This is done through a graphical map interface using a Personal Computer or a mobile phone.

How to get listed on Google Maps:

  •  You need to be registered with Google, in order to avail Google Map services. Enter your business contact and location information including: name, address, city, state/province, country and postal code
  • Once you have entered the above details, you need to click to continue and then enter your phone, fax and mobile phone number and if you can also enter your business e-mail address with your business website information.
  • When you go to the next screen it will prompt you for your business description, how will you accept payment? And your operating hours. You also need to select up to five categories that best describes your business.
  • After you have entered all the required information, you then need to select a verification method. After the verification is complete, you will be provided with a unique personal verification identity number (PIN), with complete information on account activation. You need to then activate your account.

Advertising on Google Maps:

Google Maps advertising is unfortunately not free. As most Google services, it will also allow you to connect with AdWords. If you are currently using AdWords for advertising, you will have the ability to opt-in and buy Maps ads. You will be given the option to choose normal text ads or a local business ad where the search results will show a special marker on the Google Map display.

Like with any new project, the best way to start is small steps, and in this case the first step should be, is to register your account and then add your business listing, so that it can be found on Google Map. From here onward you will always have the option to investigate using Maps on your own Web site and using Google local business ads to further advertise your small business.

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