What is Google Ads performance Max campaigns?

performance max campaign

The performance max campaign was rolled out to all advertisers on 2nd November’2021. Business strategy tips and tricks, CMO, e-commerce, Google marketing, automation marketing strategies, PPC tips and tricks.

Everything you need to know about Google’s Ads new campaign type that has changed PPC campaign types worldwide.

Google performance max campaigns are best practice for lead generation in the near future unless you have a one-page landing page or narrow products. Our current recommendation is to use Google performance max campaigns for lead generation.

Among the new features recently added to Google Ads, the Performance Max campaign type is one of the most game-changing.

Google Performance Max Campaign: Why is it Important?

Advertisers can automate their entire Google Ads account with Performance Max, a new ad campaign type. Bids, budgets, and keywords are all part of this process.

What is Google Performance Max Campaign?

Google Ads now has a campaign-type known as Performance Max that will maximize your performance across all Google Ad Inventory.

Using machine learning, it automatically generates creative assets (copy, video, call to action, image) tailored to your goals.

It is simply a matter of providing an asset bank of creative ads (images, text and video). You will be able to get more conversions by using these ads.

Campaign with a goal-oriented approach

Performance Max will help you reach your ideal customer. The tool is useful in increasing sales conversions and generating new leads.

Enhanced Performance

Google ads promise to identify customers at the right time with the right ad for greater performance by leveraging machine learning and attribution technologies.

Automated Steering

Our marketing team was able to reach out to more people interested in our products and services using Audience signals. The content we produce and when to produce it can now be decided more intelligently.

Focus on strategy with more time

The automation of Google’s processes allows it to devote more time and resources to strategic planning and optimization, such as improving creative assets.

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Google “Performance Max” Campaigns: What Do They Mean?

A full automated system now performs all the manual tasks of the advertiser. Google’s goals-based campaign unlocks maximum performance across the company’s properties, and the algorithm is able to sift through the auction data across Google’s properties and create materials based on the assets you’ve provided.

Google Audience Signals

Audience Signals are being used for the first time by Google to target your most valuable audience. The most relevant audience for your business can be identified by targeting those who are most likely to convert. This helps in Fast-tracking the learning process of your campaigns.

Check list for pre-start

Our conversion goals need to be clearly defined in this campaign, since it is a goal-based campaign. For example, In order to drive online sales for instance, we should create a landing page. Additionally, we might want to create a lead magnet or opt-in form.


Google ads conversion tracking is enabled.

For Text ads:

3 Headlines: Each headline has 30 characters

2 Descriptions: Each Description has 90 characters

1 Headline: 90 Characters

For Image ads:

1 Landscape Image: 600×316 pixels in Size

1 Square Image: 300×300 pixels in Size

1 Square Image: 314×314 pixels in Size

Square for campaigns with store visits goal.


1200×628 max file size for Image and 5120kb for video ads with at least 10 seconds in length

In addition, you will need to provide:

By utilizing geo-targeting in this campaign, the campaign can reach the target audience. It is recommended to budget $10K per month for the campaign. A time frame of four week campaign is recommended.

Additional Requirements:

Google Analytics can help business owners discover how their customers use their website. Additionally, the owner needs to advertise their products or services using Google Ads.

Google My Business and Google Merchant Center are also essential tools for the owner to utilize.

Start Your Campaign:

If you would like to apply for the account, you need to contact the Google representative, of fill out an application form. Then Select the performance max campaign type, which appears on the campaign selection screen.

You will then select the campaign’s settings and upload the creatives (images) based on your selection for sales, leads, and local store visits and promotions.

These ads will be delivered automatically via Gmail, search, YouTube, display, maps, discover feed, and shopping ads.

Further Perspectives

Ads are automatically managed when you use the Google Ads Performance Max campaign, which lets you run the ads without managing them manually.

Each ad group can be customized with its own goals and budgets, and reports on the effectiveness of campaigns can be generated.

Automating most aspects of a successful Ads campaign has never been easier thanks to this feature.

What should PPC managers focus on now?

To ensure that your products are delivered efficiently, you must optimize all your business assets. You should optimize your marketing strategies to increase sales. The user experience must be upto the mark so that people stay longer on your site.

Website Optimization – Increase the number of new leads or customers generated from website traffic through landing page optimization. When you focus on the user’s behavior from the beginning of the process until the end, you can identify failure points and fix them to increase revenue previously lost. The invention of washing machines has saved people countless hours of work and put laundrymen out of business, but washing machine technicians are still highly valued.

I hope you enjoyed the article. Please let us know what you think about Google Performance Max Campaign by leaving feedback below. Thanks!

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