11 High-intent audience targeting methods for Facebook and Instagram

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High-intent audiences are those groups of people who are most likely to take a desired action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter. By targeting high-intent audiences, businesses can increase conversions and maximize their return on ad spend (ROAS). Both Facebook and Instagram, given they’re under the same company umbrella, offer a range of targeting options that can help advertisers reach these high-intent audiences.

Audience targeting methods for Facebook and Instagram

Here are several high-intent audience targeting methods for Facebook and Instagram:

1. Custom Audiences:

  • Website Visitors: Use Facebook Pixel to create an audience of users who have visited specific pages of your site, especially high-value pages like product details or checkout.
  • Email Lists: Upload your list of subscribers or previous buyers to target them with specific ads.
  • App Activity: Target users based on their interactions with your app, if you have one.

2. Lookalike Audiences:

Create audiences that are similar to your existing high-value customers. This helps reach potential customers with similar behavior and interests.

3. Dynamic Ads with Product Catalogs:

Automatically promote products to users who have shown interest in them on your website, app, or anywhere else on the internet.

4. Engagement Audiences:

Target users who have previously engaged with your content on Facebook or Instagram. This includes video views, page interactions, form submissions, etc.

5. Facebook and Instagram Shopping:

With the rise of shopping features on both platforms, targeting users who interact with these features can be lucrative.

6. Retargeting:

Show ads to users who’ve added items to their cart but haven’t completed the purchase. Reminding them can lead to increased conversions.

7. Event-Based Targeting:

Based on actions tracked by the Facebook Pixel, such as product searches, additions to cart, or purchase completions.

8. Interest and Behavior Targeting:

While broader than the above methods, targeting based on specific interests and behaviors can still be lucrative, especially if layered with other targeting parameters. For instance, someone interested in “running” might be more inclined to buy running shoes.

9. Lead Ads:

Target users with lead generation forms directly within the platform. These are especially useful for capturing high-intent users interested in webinars, newsletters, or trials.

10. Video View Audiences:

Target people who have viewed your videos on Facebook or Instagram. Video engagement, especially longer views, indicates a higher level of interest.

11. Savings & Offers:

Target audiences with special deals or limited-time offers. The urgency can drive high-intent users to convert quickly.


When targeting high-intent audiences, it’s essential to couple your efforts with compelling ad creatives and clear calls to action. Regularly test and refine your ad creatives, offers, and targeting parameters to find the optimal combination that boosts conversions.

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