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Fire Chat App for Android to communicate without Internet.


What are the benefits of whatsApp are only known by the people who will use it. But very few people know that the service is even better. Yes, the Fire Chat App for Android to communicate without Internet. This is the new and very interesting medium of communication. Last year this application is developed and now it is becoming increasingly popular.

Previously it was only possible via iPhone, but now it has been made available in Android. What’s app is different from it in many ways, its greatest strength is that it can also run without the cellular network. Where the network is not available to communicate, but in case of Fire chat it will work there also. For run this App, we don’t need any wi-fi hotspot. Indeed, it gives every Smartphone to connect to each other directly.

If you are connected with any two Smartphone then the message interchange may be possible there. Means that they joined through Bluetooth or Wi – Fi via radio signals emitted from the device with each other – are added.

This app works like a local chatroom. You just have to choose a user name. Do not need any password. This means that you can communicate with everyone else that is closer. This feature is now available in Android.

The advantages are many. For example, if you get stuck in something such as subways etc. in that place you can also enjoy this service by interchanging message with other device. Similarly, you can take advantage of those places where the network is jammed.

At present it is for short-range mesh networking technology via the company is trying to reach it away. This technology means every phone used as a sender of a message can be made a whole network. A phone message jumped from the second, third, fourth and will move forward. Every phone will work like a tower.

It has another trait. This does not create any barrier to entry in another device if they are connected once. Anyone can go to any group they liked.

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