Easy Guide To Start A WordPress Blog In 15 Minutes

Start A Wordpress Blog In 15 Minutes

Are you thinking of starting a blog?You can find several platforms and tools, at minimal rates. No matter if you do not have any technical knowledge. You can read this guide to know more, about how to start WordPress blog today.

Things That You Would Need To Start A WordPress Blog

There are mainly three things, that you have got to pay attention to. They are:

  • You need a Domain name. This is the name of the blog or the URL.
  • A web hosting account will be required as well.
  • Your full attention for half an hour maximum.

Yes, you can now start your wordpress blog from scratch.

How To Start A WordPress Blog?

1. Setup

It is the first step. You need to choose the right platform for the blog. This is an important decision, that you have got to make. For a large chunk, the WordPress.org works really well. Moreover, it is free to use. You can install plugins, customize your blog design, and make money online from your wordpress blog. Most successful first-time bloggers use WordPress. However, you should be clear on the ‘Free’ part. It is free, as you are self-hosting it. You do not a technical person or a developer to set it right. However, you need a Domain name and a Web Host. You should be shelling out about $22 roughly on domain name and web hosting. However, Bluehost is providing discounts of upto 60%. So, that makes it easy on the pocket. They are the largest brand, when it comes to WordPress hosting. Bluehost and WordPress has been working together since a long time.

So, let us move on to Bluehost. You need to get started by clicking on the button, that reads out Get Started Now. On the next page, you can select the Plan. Enter the domain name. Lastly, you need to fill in your account details and complete the process. Taking the 36-month plan is recommended. You will find a few optional items that you can add on later. So, it is not necessary, that you purchase them right away. After you complete the setup process, you will get an email with a link to your hosting panel. You can bookmark the page.

2. Install WordPress

After you sign up on Bluehost, you will be automatically taken to the WordPress site. That mean, that you just need to log in to your Bluehost account. Click on Log in to WordPress and you are right there. After you have set up WordPress, you can customize the appearance and other stuff. Now, Happy Blogging.

3. Selecting A Theme

You need a specific theme that you can apply. It will give your wordpress blog an identity. There are numerous themes on WordPress. Some are free, and some are chargeable. Choose one according to your needs. Click on the WordPress dashboard, and move on to Appearance and then Themes. Click on Add, and you can access the entire kitty of themes. Get a preview and check, how the theme will look. You can customize the design, color scheme and other facets. You need to click on Install, after which you need to click on Activate. You are now ready to create your first wordpress blog post.

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4. Create Your First Blog Post

Click on Posts, then Add New, from your WordPress dashboard to start your first post. The WordPress platforms uses blocks, with which you can create the best content layouts. After you have written the blog and pasted it on the blocks, click on Publish. You will find some categories and tags on the right-hand side of the Editor window. You can add the necessary elements, to make your wordpress blog more visible.

5. Installing Plugins And Other Customizations

After you have completed your first blog post, you need to add certain elements to your blog. They are contact forms, galleries, sliders, and other stuff. To add these, you need to install plugins. Now, adding new features on to your website is easy. There are more then 50,000 plugins. No matter, what you want to achieve through your wordpress blog post, you have a plugin for that.

  • Creating A Contact Form on your website or blog, allows users to mail you directly. WPForms Lite plugin can serve the purpose. It is a free version of WPForms plugin. Just navigate to Plugin, Add New, and type WPForms. Click on install and activate. Create your first form from WPForms and then Add New button.
  • Setting Up Google Analytics is an important part of the procedure. Now, you can see, how many people are actually visiting your wordpress blog. You need a free Google Analytics account for that. After installing it, you can check the activity from Insights page, after customizing the settings. The on-screen instructions are self-explanatory, so you can follow the, to successfully complete the process.
  • You also need to think about Optimization. You need to install the All-in-One SEO plugin to make your blog discoverable. There is a quick information wizard that comes with the blog. Follow it, to complete the procedure.
  • You can also use additional plugins, that stress on Backup, security, design and customization, to name a few.

So, we are half way through. Are you still wondering, how to create wordpress blog?It is easy now.

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6. Making Money

You can monetize your wordpress blog, in more ways than you thought off. Some of the best ways to do that, includes AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, and creating a simple Online Store. You can sell physical products or services. WooCommerce is the best plugin for eCommerce. Most new bloggers are even turning their blog into a membership site. Let your imagination run wild, and there is no stopping you.

7. Mastering The Platform

You can now master the platform in a few easy steps. Moreover, you can expand your vision and knowledge with a few tools like WPBeginner Dictionary, WPBeginner Videos, and WPBeginner Blog.

This is an easy guide to start WordPress blog.Now, you can create the best WordPress Blog in 15 minutes. Just follow these instructions and the rest will be history.

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