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Adblocker and its Impact – The advertising industry needs to rethink.


[dropcap style=”dropcap1″]I[/dropcap]n recent weeks and months, a groaning in the advertising industry can be heard. The reason for these often gloomy sounds is quickly identified: More and more users use in their browser one of the numerous Adblocker, which cleverly hides the advertising. Of course this is a slap in the face for all portals that finance themselves with advertising.

That’s why Axel Springer and other publishers have long since pulled the emergency brake and blocked their portals like Bild.de & Co. for users with adblockers and other sites are now starting here. “You cannot get in here!” Is the order of the day. A mistake, as I personally think.

Advertising Eats Content – A Homemade Problem?

Anyone working in e-commerce and online marketing has to deal with Internet advertising every day. Banner ads, affiliate links, pop-ups, layer advertising, videos, etc. are just a few of the currently popular and popular advertising media, which are increasingly found on small and large portals.

The problem here, which I notice more and more often is that you can almost no longer see the actual content in front of a lot of advertising on numerous portals or this is placed so awkwardly that it just annoying.

However, what makes for significantly more money in the coffers of the publishers at the first moment and in the short term, however, should provide in the long run for frustrated users.

No wonder, then, that in Germany alone over 25% of Internet users use an adblocker such as Adblock Plus, Ghostery & Co. Anyone who rubs their eyes in astonishment: With 25%, Germany is even far behind Malta (28%), Poland (35%) and Greece (40%). Yes, you read that right: FOURZ PERCENT!

These numbers must first be melted in the mouth, because it will be by itself hardly less. Also not by supposed locks of the publishers, of which I am now convinced.

We need to understand the users to solve the problem!

Although it is annoying at first: anyone who thinks he can 25% (or more) of potential users/customers simply locked out, just because they use an adblocker must have in my opinion, a lot of guts in the bones.

Because: Which internet user will be happy if the door is slammed right in his face? Certainly, a small part of the advertising for the site again release or disable the adblocker – but only a small part. The rest will look around for alternative websites on the net and they are just a click away thanks to Google, Bing, Yahoo & Co. and that a lost user will not come back so quickly if they have been scared off.

Instead of immediately getting the crowbar method a la Springer & Co out of the hindquarters, one should first ask: Why are so many users using an adblocker? That’s the only way to tackle the real problem at the root – I think so. The problem should be tackled at the root.

Annoying advertising is a user nightmare …

I make it short and crisp, even if many may not want to hear it: A large proportion of users access the Adblocker, because they feel bothered by the advertising.

The greed for more and more clicks and fast Ca $ h has now deprived many portals to a mere advertising brush. Flashing XXL banners here, automatically starting videos with sound there, and annoying layer ads with well-hidden closing features are just a few examples of deadly advertising on the Web.

Unfortunately, many publishers still do not understand that Adblocker & Co is a silent form of user protest that you do not hear – but find it very clear in its analysis. And even worse: it is not learned from the current situation, but simply the “ad block blocker” started. But annoying advertising is just one factor.

There are even more reasons why so many users now rely on Adblocker: privacy and IT security! And if you listen in relevant forums and communities, this is exactly where the rabbit in the pepper…

Viruses, Trojans, Malware & Co.

Whereas 8-10 years ago the banner ads were usually integrated directly from the publisher into the portals and delivered from its server, there are now dozens of advertising networks through which the advertising is delivered. Of course, this has significant benefits for the publisher. But what is often misunderstood is that this integration is also a real security risk.

An even more case by AOL, BBC and New York Times has once again shown why the danger grows larger and why users want and need to protect next to virus scanners and firewalls now with adblockers. Thus, in the above-mentioned article, thousands of users’ computers became the victims of manipulated advertisements distributed via compromised advertising networks.

More precisely, this is the encryption Trojan TeslaCrypt– and unfortunately this is not a rare individual case. Adblockers have become (unfortunately!) Often a necessary evil. At this point, the publishers are asked not only to adapt their forms of advertising to an acceptable level and at least to regain the acceptance of advertising on websites, but also to worry about the safety of their users.

Privacy – Yes, privacy is important!

However, users are also concerned when it comes to privacy. While small websites and online stores are often just a tracking tool – usually Google Analytics or Piwik– use for their own data collection, it can be seen in many medium and large portals now partially 10, 20 or sometimes even up to 40 or 50 trackers from various third-party providers and ad networks, the diligent user behavior, analyze and store.

Again, this is a no-go for many privacy users. From the point of view of an online marketer and website operator, this is of course bad for us, but that’s why we should not shy away from understanding our users. On the contrary, advertising will only be accepted by users in the long term if it is presented to them in an appropriate framework and under certain conditions.

In this sense … Brainstorm on, Adblocker off! So, and now I am looking forward to your opinion on the topic of Adblocker.

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