A/B Split Testing for improving Landing Page Conversion

A/B Split Testing

Hi guys! Glad you’re with us again!In our previous post we clarified 3 ways to get do-follow backlinks from high authority sites.Today, the purpose is to explain you the concept of ‘Split Testing’and pass on some handy tools for setting up a Split Test yourself.Are you are not sure which advertisement; image or tagline works best for you?Then you can use split testing, also called A/B testing.

This allows you to test several varieties of an item, and find out which one performs the best.These items can be websites, landing pages, advertisement and target groups, everything you want.But you need to make sure so if you for example want to test both an image and a tagline,then you first need to do a split test on the image and then do a split test on the tagline with the best performing image.

Now, imagine you have doubt which tag line to put on your landing page!What you can do then are two things:With a blink test, or 5-second test, your landing page is shown to people for five seconds.When the time is up the respondents are asked questions about what they remembered or what they thought the website was all about.Afterwards you can compare all the answers you gathered and see with which tag line people understood the purpose of your website the best.

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A tool that can be used when performing out a blink test is for example fivesecondtest.com. Another way of finding out which tag line works best is by making use of a Split Test.

five second test a/b testing tool

A very handy tool that can help you with setting up split tests is vwo.com. You just need to fill in the domain name of your website and it lets you easily change everything you want.

vwo a/b testing tool

For our website we came up with the following tag lines:Stay relevant, keep track of your industry’s trends.The easiest way to spot, save and spread trends and Keeps track of the latest industry disruptions. The idea behind it is that every person that comes on your website sees a different tag line.

This way you can for example look at the amount of click-through or subscriptions on your website in order to find out which tag line performs better.Another platform that might help you with A/B testing is unbounce.com. This platform creates beautiful landing pages and inserts them into your WordPress design via plugins. You can also make use of WordPress to do the Split Test,but this is in our opinion way more complicated than working with vwo.com or unbounce.com.

unbounce a/b testing

Facebook Ads can also be split tested in order to find out how different aspects of an ad affect its performance.These insights can then be used to improve future Ad building it’s not only possible to split test the Facebook ad itself but also the target audience which we push the Facebook ad to.This can be done by using the same ad and different target audiences and then check which target audience converts the best!

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Now let’s put this into practice!We did a Split Test ourselves using the target audiences of our first blog.To be more concrete first we made the advert in the Page Posts by going to ‘create post’.Here you can fill out everything related to your post. We already prepared this beforehand.Afterwards in the Facebook Advert Manager you can create an advertisement out of post we made in the previous step.Our objective was to increase video views,you give it a campaign name and you define the target audience anyway you want.When going to the Advert column,you choose ‘Use Existing Post’ and here you can choose the Ad you made.You go through this process twice but with a different target audience.

Let’s check the results of our Split Test.The section ‘Results’ gives an overview on what matters most for the chosen goal of the campaign.You can do split test basically on everything.

We for example split tested the subject of an e-mail we send through Mailchimp. In order to find out which subject makes people more intrigued to open the e-mail.We did this for an e-mail containing a survey.


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