3 ways to get do-follow Backlinks from High Authority sites

get do-follow backlinks from High Authority sites

In this post, I’m going to talk about three ways that you can get do-follow backlinks. This is a long term project you’re probably not going to be able to go out and get these links today, but if you want to rank for a highly competitive search term you’re probably going to need to get links like these.

So let’s get to the three ways you can get these long term links:

1. Guest posting:-

guest posting

Now guest posting isn’t as easy as you know some people would suggest but it’s also notes hard from my perspective. I like to build a relationship, I like to make friends with the blogger I do that through blog commenting build a relationship by going to their blog reading their content and then commenting. I’ll sign up for their email list potentially sends a couple emails back and forth. So, they know who I am and then after that after there is some sort of a relationship built.

You can’t ask for a guest post so a couple tips to help make that go a little bit better a higher conversion rate would be doing something nice for them ahead of time before you ask for the guest post. Maybe you shoot a YouTube video and share their content or write a post and share their content by linking out to it.You will also share on your Facebook groups something like that but if you go and you do something nice the rule of reciprocity tells you they will probably want to do something for you potentially that could be a guest post. So, number one is guest posting and couple tips on the guest posting front just a sidebar.

I would advise you to link to the page you’re trying to rank. So, if you’re trying to rank a specific page link to that page don’t link to your home page right it’s not bad to have a link to your home page. But if you’re trying to rank a specific post link to their right that’s a little bit more direct rather than having to go through your home page.

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2. Stacked method:-

Stacked method

This is a method that I used with great success wrote a guest post on age rafts. I’ll put a link to that so you can see the case study that I did but basically you do an infographic and you do a skyscraper type post. You stack that on top with guest posting there was a time when you used to be able to just do an infographic and go out there and get links there used to be a time.

when you could do the skyscraper method if you’re not familiar it’s all about consolidating information that you could find on the Internet and making like the biggest the best type resource on a specific topic and there was a time. When you could just do the skyscraper method and it would work but those days are long gone and then the other part is guest posting it does work well.

If you put together the three things that I just mentioned or atleast a combination of the two. If you do an infographic and then do some guest posting work around it Augusto graphic is sometimes. What is that’s referred to or if you do an infographic and you put that together with a skyscraper type post you can get some traction on that or if you put all three together and that is you know do an infographic have a really great post.

Where you’re consolidating all this information and then you go out and you try and build links to it via guest posting that’s a magic combination and the thing is each one of those concepts they worked at a certain point in time.However marketers as we do we abuse the situation, we did too much of the infographic stuff we did too much of the skyscraper and we did too much of guest posting but when you put them all together you end up with a better combination.

It’s a higher value proposition all together and it’s a lot easier to build links, if you have like a highly valuable piece of content and by combining things. You’re able to do more than, if you just do one of these strategies.

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3. Contact manufacturers:-

Contact manufacturers

Let them know that you featured their product on your site potentially. You’ve done a review on it you’ve picked it as the best you know type product in that category and just let them know let that you know you shared it in your social channels you’ve published are view and it’s favorable.

Just give them a heads up maybe they’ll share it on social without you prompting that’s pretty common right. They’ll share it and see it get it out there to their audience, but don’t be afraid to just ask them if the link to it.Maybe you could suggest that you’ll write up a little a little post you know short 300 words sort of like a press release to say hey our brand was featured on the site here’s the link and then it makes it easier for them.

It’s less work for them you’re going to run into a lot of you know people that are not going to reply back to you that a lot of companies just won’t reply back and some companies don’t have a person to work on this right. There’s not a marketing person that’s directly able to link and add links to different sites right they may not be the same department.

So, the trick is to continue working through it keep honing your pitch right and then you’ll be able to get a little bit better success more often quick tip to find people that are more active is find companies that are active on social media right. If they’re active in social media like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc. that indicates they have an understanding of you know more modern digital marketing methods and they’ll probably you know. If you link to their site if you share their stuff they’re probably going to look favorably on what you’re doing and then potentially you can get that link.

So, those are the three ways you can get very powerful long term links first is guest posting the next is stacking infographics the skyscraper method and guest posting together in the third way is to contact manufacturers let them know you featured their products. Let them know that you’re sharing their site and getting the word out and ask for a link.

If you’re interested in getting a checklist with more details about these three linking methods as well as three additional linking methods for getting links a little bit more quickly. Go to comment section and you’ll have to enter your name and email address and then I’ll send you a link with all the goodies Thanks.


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