7 Tips to create a high converting landing pages

high conversion landing pages

Landing pages are very important for online marketing. It will drastically boost your conversion rate if it is optimized according to your services or products. You need to simply follow some tips which fully optimized your landing pages and increasing your conversion rates.

What are landing pages?

The landing page is the page where users’ land on the page on your website which built with the aim for single conversion objective. This page built with call to action for Completion of that single conversion objective.

Tips to create high converting landing pages:

1.Interesting and clear Headline: Try to use the headlines which grab the reader’s attention. If possible, make it easy to understand and to the point.Use a headline like that which gives a message to the reader after that they never leave your website without reading the details on your website. If you are selling any product, then use headlines which told about the product. The heading should be writing short only 10-20 Word, never more than 20 words.

2. Subheading: Use subheading which makes the reader to read more about the details to get some more information or innovative things which is profitable for his business. They only stay on your website, if they have some hope get profitable stuff from your website. Then try to concise and message giving subheading for your landing pages. It should be more in details in comparison of the main heading.

3. Images: Use high resolution images with your landing pages because images process fast by brain in comparison of text. Use the only images which are relevant to your service or product. It is very important to put your product image on your landing pages. Doesn’t use stock or low quality images because it will ruin your business.

4. Explanation in body content: Your landing page content are made easy to understand otherwise you have lost them. The best explanation is those which gives straightforward and to the point answer. Use Bullets to explain the products or service details to get the exact point. Makes the explanation to user focus oriented. Makes the explanation more valuable after compelling it more according to your products.

Ex- “We create a blog” this is not user focus oriented, if we make them “We create money blogging” then it is more compelling and user focus oriented.

5. CTA (call to action): After many experiments we reveal the use of call to action gives more conversion at the place of using simple “Order Now” or “Buy Now” button. Use creative call to action button in a place of simple one and then you will see an increment in your conversion. Take the time to spell out what exactly are will happen when someone fills out the form or clicks on the desired link. Don’t mess in the area near the CTA (call to action) — let it stick out by its isolation on the landing pages.

6. Value Proposition: Value proposition is the term which means “features which intended to make the product attractive to customers”. It’s mainly answer the users’ question “what the profit in it for their business”. Simply in other word you can say that value proposition is the comparison between you (why you are better or why we choose us) and your competitor. Today market is very competitive, so try to use clear value proposition which hits directly to your landing page user.

7. Tell them about the Pain: Here, physiological reason behind the pain. Every human wants to wired to avoid pain. You can tell a story in landing pages about your pain and give them message to this product or service make relief from these types of pains that likely increases the chances of conversion rate. Be sure your users to make them relief from that pain. Your service or product is acting as a medicine for their pains. Don’t leave the user again in the pain. Try to give conclusion by providing answers about the pain.

That is the basic concept which you need to put at the time of creating landing pages for your business. Follow the above tips and get a high converting landing page. If you have any more queries or doubts, then please leave the comment. For the latest update from our blog directly to your Inbox, then please subscribe to our Newsletter.

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