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iPhone app Cloak will help you to ignore unwanted friends


Well Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to stay connected with friends are the best platforms. However, many times it is hard to let go. If you inadvertently bumped by people whom you do not want to meet. Such people only see in front of your mood gets worse. So what should you know already that this is the guy you come close? Clearly, you would avoid seeing his face.

Yes, there is now an app, which lets users, will be easy to ignore the unwanted ones. The app utilizes the data that you have on social networking sites’ antisocial network is designed to prepare a list of people whom you do not want to meet. iPhone app Cloak will help you to ignore unwanted friends.

‘Cloak’ the application of the name of your app acquaintance information you provide will be around people, as well as an undesirable person will also alert you to the very close approach.

According to the American newspaper Washington Post news about the company claims application, “the app ex girlfriend or boyfriend, co-workers, someone who wants to talk to you on the way stopped – or none at do not want to talk to you any, This helps to keep you off ‘.

The company says that the application ‘hiding out in the real world’ stay permits. It works by taking information about your web browsing. With the help of this application user can separate the contacts, which they do not meet. This application Instagram tracks of different persons, and as soon as they come near, it makes you alert.

According to the company Clock app that tells you where your friends are and unwanted friend. This allows you to find out about a particular person does not have to work. Right now the app only works on iPhone.

This app Broyn Bjfeed former creative director Chris Moore and Baker is created. The Company expects that in the future they will be adding more features in the app.

Speaking to the Washington Post, Bacher said privately that they believe we have seen the peak of social networking. Twitter and Facebook have brought us to a crowded place. He said, “My view is that the rise of anti-social elements. Soon you will see many more such applications.

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