Importance of Pinging and Tagging in social Bookmarking sites

Pinging and Tagging in social Bookmarking site

Just the past few years ,when Blogging became more common, “Blog and Ping ” were the buzzwords among smart and savvy consumers. There is a good reason for this as Blogging and pinging involved writing keyword rich entries into blog posts and then pinging the posts with directory sites like My Yahoo, Pingomatic, etc so that your information and entry would become indexed on major search engines. This technique can work, but it doesn’t work as well as it used to because search engines work differently now.

In place of Blog and Ping is now Tag and Ping of your blog post through social bookmarking sites Tag and Ping is a great way to drive targeted traffic to your sites. When we mention good targeted traffic we meant about the traffic from consumers ( audience ) that have an interest in what you have to say in your Blog’s post and what you may have to offer. With Tagging and pinging it will involves placing tags throughout your site. Your ultimate purpose is to utilize the tags to optimize your pages for search engines by strategically placing keywords or “tags” throughout your site , so that it will get Indexed and will be ranked.

In this way , the tags will be similarly used as keywords to get your sites and pages indexed much more quickly. People that want to read your sites, they will have the ability to tag or categorize keywords on your sites which will boost audience’s visit.

Compared to the Blog and Ping method ,What is happening is a change in the way things work. In the past, we created and defined our sites then we ping to major Pinging sites .But when you use tagging and pinging, your visitors end up eventually defining your site for you.

What are tags?

They are keywords or labels you use to categorize your website or web pages. Tags is presently the best way to bookmark a site. It does help to organize your “Favorites” under different keywords selected by you, on your social Bookmarking site. When you try to

retrieve your favorite from a List of bookmarks, the tag function will help you to sort out all the sites under a chosen Tag, which you nominated, and you do not need to remember where you put your links. You just browse your Keyword list (which you tagged) and that select

the tag word – eg. Movies, then all favorites related with Movies will bring up the pages (which has been tagged) up to your screen, in your social bookmarking site.

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Tag and Keywords

Tagging is nothing more than a way you can categorize information on your website and place it on the web. Normally what happens when someone starts or builds a website is that they place keywords throughout their website and hope search engine spiders will find their site and list their site.

In the case with tagging, it is slightly different . Tags are nothing more than a way of organizing, much like keywords are. As it organize ,it sorts and categorize , and then it bring together similar tags under the same category together ,this way Search engine also is able to find the site, with related tags , and there it bring up the pages under this mentioned tag

Let’s say you write an article on “Portable Media Player”. So you can tag the word “Portable Media Player”, or “Digital Media Player”. A tag is a bit more than a keyword however, because it also includes a description of the content the tag is all about. When someone clicks that information, they don’t just bring up the word “Digital media Player” but they also bring up a short description of the content related to Digital Media Player which you refer to on your web page.

As the ultimate requirement is to bring traffic to your site, the new social Bookmarking trend has set a way that Sites which are properly tagged and organized in a logical way will have better chance to be found by search engine, so therefore you will have to clean up and reorganize your existing site with New Keyword which are more frequently used as tag , this way all the information, articles, or posts you have on your site can be easily found by search engine web browser.

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Match with Tag

Tagging is commonized and therefore there are many prominent sites which have search categories that may match the ones you create on your site. So try to match your tag with some of the tag of these big sites so that when someone searches for a popular “tag”, and happens you have Matched tagged information on your site under that tag, you get free advertising and a link to your site. To quote an example ,try Google search for “Digital media Player”, some top 10 rank pages will have sites from major Players like Western digital , Seagate , Tvix , Denon etc… but as you have tagged and matched your website with the “Digital media Player “,knowing that ie. Seagate and Western digital are prominent user of this tag , your website may come up within the first 20 rank , and web surfer who are searching for this product , will find your website in the first 20 rank page.

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