How to use Reddit to promote YouTube Videos?

Reddit to promote YouTube Videos

Today we’re gonna talk about promoting your videos on social media. Social media promotion was always hard especially for YouTube right it’s always been a challenge it’s even harder these days than any time before because these days Facebook, Twitter, Instagram all these social media platforms are monetizing and they have no incentive whatsoever to allow you to drive traffic from their platform to another platform for free that’s not going to happen and that’s why they’re going to sabotage any things.

You make and driving traffic from them to YouTube so dropping links and stuff like that won’t work. I’ll give you a simple example try to drop a link on Instagram on the comments section so a clickable link there. Why there’s a reason for that they’re not gonna let you drive traffic Facebook you can drop a link but you have to go through hell to click that link to actually watch the video and why don’t you try to subscribe. Let’s see what happens it’s gonna take you 30 minutes to subscribe to the channel same thing with Twitter.

Twitter is also ultra-complicated and driving traffic but I have some good news and add some bad news there is still one social network, which will allow you to effectively drive traffic for free from their platform to YouTube and that platform is called ready the bad news is that Reddit is ultra-complicated and it is very difficult to master with really harsh consequences.

If you don’t so before you jump into Reddit and start dropping links hear me out okay the reason that where it is so unique and it does allow you to do things that a social platform dawn it’s because it’snot monetized. Okay they look geared by making profit they have other agenda as well left-wing agenda but that’s beside the point plus it’s anonymous. So,what does this make them well it makes them a very interesting tool for you to promote your videos but careful if you don’t do it properly and if you don’t do it in the right way that is compatible with the way Reddit works you will get banned but before.

You will get banned you will get hate comments you will get down for it and you’ll probably lose privileges to be posting that network. So,how do you avoid this and what is really going on with Reddit.Then the limit the element of Reddit really brings out the worst in people so you may see some vicious comments right there which you don’t see on Facebook and other platforms.So, how do we do it correctly on Reddit:

First of all and it has to be clear by now I hope it is you can just drop your links on Reddit you can just join a subReddit Drewry link and just hope the traffic will come you will get banned and before you get banned you probably get a lot of hate comments. So that’s not gonna work for Reddit but what will work and how to do it well the first thing to understand.

If you want to master Reddit as a promotional vehicle is you have to change the concept you’re no longer trying to promote your content on Reddit. You’re trying to become part of the community of Reddit in order to also somewhat promote your channel but that shouldn’t be the main thing that drives your Reddit activity.

Now that sounds really complicated and abstract but what does it mean and how do you actually apply it. Well here’s how you do it first of all each separated where you join which is applicable to your content and I would HIGHLY advise against joining subReddit which are not compatible with your content because you will get banned but let’s say you’re doing cakes right or you’re doing pastry or you’re doing a bikes join the proper subReddit.

After join the subReddit doesn’t even touch the post button go directly to the Terms of Use and carefully read them I know that’s against how we usually work right. I’ve never read Terms of Service in my life anywhere else but Reddit. But I read it you have to do it because even the tiniest violation of these rules will get you banned and once you get banned and read it the way back is nearly impossible and they ban you on all your accounts and trust me you won’t be able to get back to that platform that’s permanent that’s social permanent.

So don’t post anything first of all actually read every word of their guidelines in terms of conditions of that subReddit once you’ve done that the next stage is the following you start by posting stuff that is related to the group that has nothing to do with your YouTube channel for a number of days and you keep posting things of value to the group. You keep commenting of things of value on other posts to the group and you don’t even mention your YouTube channel.

You try to become part of their community you try to get them to know you and know who you are okay the thing is with Reddit in order to post successfully. You have to have a high rating and you won’t get a high rating and let’s get pull it up and you won’t up unless. You post and comment something of value to the group that is not self-promotion.

Okay so first of all take a week off of promoting your YouTube channel on Reddit and take that week as the week where you get into Reddit and you become part of the community don’t even mention your channel. Just do it get some positive points on that subReddit. Let the admins and the moderators know you just post things of value don’t just post John okay now here’s the really important thing and here’s the key of this video almost every sub Reddit has a self-promotion allowance.

They will allow you to self-promote and a certain rate mostly it’s 80/20 what do I mean by 80/20 eighty percent non self-promotional posts and 20 percent self-promotional posts and they’re very strict with the way they counted so always be above the limit some subReddits will actually require 10/90 that means only 10% of your posts are self-promotional. So, make sure you comply with that beyond the limit because they count it harshly than you they make something towards a sub-promotion or even more in stuff.

So, always be about that line because you will get bad if you don’t comply now lastly and most importantly when you post self-promotional posts disclose it in the description of the post don’t just hide it at the end that should be the first thing. You say when you describe your post your link hey I’m self-promoting this is my own video unless.

You do it, you won’t get any respect for them and you’re gonna get downloaded on probably bad.That’s the reason disclose the fact that this is a sub promotional post they’ll respect you more for that and they actually may link that unless you show sincerity sense of community and just honesty.

You’re gonna get booted of this platform immediately but if you manage to comply with their self-promotional allowance be a part of the community bring some added value don’t push your links all the time you will get a huge amount of benefit from Reddit can drive a lot of traffic but only if done correctly so make sure you comply with what I said but the most important things if you have to recap that you say don’t do it right.

I don’t want you guys to get banned read the terms of conditions very carefully I know we can do it anywhere else but we have to do in Reddit.

And number two make sure you both comply with the 80/20 or 90/10 self-promotion allowance you disclose that is a self-promotion that’s the only way.

If you have any further questions about Reddit drop it in the comment section below or in the Facebook group or wherever you know where to reach me I’m here all the time.


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