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How to test Smartphone’s performance using benchmark android app?


Smartphone’s are becoming more powerful day by day and at the same time our desire to check there capability & performance by using Benchmark android app. Benchmark has long been used to check the performance of a computer. Through Benchmark android apps. you can check your device’s CPU, GPU, Browser and other hardware components. The below following are the list of Apps that can help you to determine the performance of your new Android Smartphone.



It’s one of the most use android apps and is available for free at Google Play Store. The free version is a standard version that supports ads and lacks custom benchmark settings.  Quadrant is an all-in-one benchmark android app and benchmarks different types of Hardware in your device, including your device memory, I/O performance, CPU, additionally it also benchmarks 2D and 3D graphics. It takes few minutes to run the test and displays the result in performance graph along with the comparison with the other popular devices.


Linkpack is a free android app that is quick and easy to run. Linkpack is a purely CPU benchmark android app that runs either in single-thread mode or multi-thread mode. In order to run this app, you need to launch it and select either of the two modes.    


AnTuTu is an all-in-one Benchmark android app. It’s designed to run test on your Smartphone’s CPU, GPU, memory and storage. For CPU, it evaluates both Integer and floating-point performance. For GPU, it evaluated 2D & 3D performance. For memory, it checks available memory and latency. For storage it, test’s the read and write speed of your device flash memory. To run this app, all you need to do is to select the desired test and then click the start button


CF-Bench is also a free all-in-one benchmark android app, created by android developer Chainfire. CF-Bench, benchmarks CPU, memory and storage in your device. To run this app you need to click the Full Benchmark button on the app screen. The result will be displayed at the bottom of the screen along with the comparison with other popular devices. 

GL Benchmark:

It’s designed only to check the performance of your Android device 3D performance. It displays 33 different tests to give you a complete picture of your device 3D performance. Running the entire test can take up to 15 minutes, but you do get the option of selecting test for the list of 33. The result is displayed in the form of Frame per second (FPS) achieved by your device.

Currently there are few Battery Benchmark android apps available on Google play. These apps, when we checked did not have a good rating neither they had good review.  That’s why we did not add them in this post. But, if you are able to find one or you if you have used one, that has given you great results, then please do make us aware of it by leaving your comment below. I hope the above information covers your entire requirement. Thanks for reading and please do leave your comment if you find this post interesting.

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