How to make Android Smartphone smarter or faster

Android makes faster

If you are an Android phone user, you might have felt your phone is a little slow after a few months of the buying, and it is possible that your phone hangs too often becomes. This means to say that when you want to go from one application to another or want to return at home screen then it takes more time than first. However, if it is your problem now is not going to stay long, because using these 5 tips makes your Smartphone smarter or make it fast as you use first. 

1. Uninstall or disable the apps that do not use by you generally : 

Each Phone is assigned to the internal memory. One thing to tie the knot if more space in the internal memory of your phone, your phone will work equally well. It is possible that your phone lots of photos, music or apps are slow because of which your phone is working.If you’d like your photos, music and data than you can remove from the phone and store it on Dropbox or Google Drive cloud storage service. Along with this you can also uninstall the apps which you do not use or useless, it’s cleared the internal memory and save space to work your Smartphone fast.The phones that consists some default app which can’t be uninstall. Then Disable such apps, which can be protected phone from being slow.

2. Clear App Cache :

 Whenever you can, use the app or internet than it stores the details of the app or browser work in the phone memory as a text. If this text data increase then phone becomes slow. That’s the reason we need To clear App cache regularly.

3.  Use Less Widget and say no to Live Wallpapers.

4.  Disable Animations.

5.  Regularly Updates Software’s

 Many times peoples think that after buy phone need not to update any software. But it is Necessary because from time to time send updates notification by the company to your phone which is a solution of your chronic problem. If you can use any app then problem occurs in that App, it is possible to get solution of that problem in the next updated version of the apps. And it is also processing your apps in a faster and smarter way. 

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