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To get better experience on your android, Google has launched a new support page on their website. Google has mentioned a few tips and tricks, which help you to accomplish several useful tasks like how to find your phone from your PC ,send a note etc. For do these tasks you need to follow some simple steps which is mentioned in details on Google Support Page. This page is also describe how to find your phone from your PC. But before doing all the tasks you need to link your PC with your personal Android phone. Follow the steps below to do tasks:

Step 1 First go to Google app page on the play store and update it.

Step 2 After that turn on Google Now. To open Google Now, open the Google app first on your android phone. It is on the top left corner. Now follow the steps below as directed:

* Touch on the menu icon

* go to settings

* New card

* Check the option show card and show notification

Step 3 After that check your web and app activity, it is turn on or not? If not then turn it on. For turn on follow the steps below:

* Go to the Account History Page.

* Ensure that switch is on or not? (green mark shows it is on)

Step 4 Sign-In to your web browser. For this follow the steps below:

* Open Google app by touching the menu icon, which is placed at the top left corner

* Now you are able to see the email address at the top left corner that you can for the Google app

* After that visit on your computer

* If you are not Sign-In already then click sign in option which is in the top right corner. You can use any Google account for Sign-In process for the Google app.

Step 5 Now you are ready for send info to your android phone.

* Do any of the searches which is mentioned here: Note to self or Send direction to my phone.

* If a pop-up box is opened with the option to send information to your phone, then it is OK. Otherwise you need to refreshing the page by pressing F5 on keyboard. And if you just turned on Google Now, then it takes few min to show pop-up box.

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Once you are successfully linked your phone, then you are able to do the following tasks:

1. Find your Phone: Open on your PC web browser. Now go to the “find my phone” page. If your phone is connected with internet and condition is turned on, then Google trace the exact location of your phone and shown on the screen. If your android phone location is not found by Google, then you are able to make it ring for 5 min with full volume.

2. Send directions to my Phone: Open on your PC web browser. Now go to the “Send directions to my phone” page. Enter in your destination option and then click send direction to my phone button. After this done, Google will send the notification about your desired destination on your phone. Now using Google Maps app you are easily navigate to your desired destination.

3. Send a Note: Open on your PC web browser. Now go to the “send a note to my phone” page. Here you can find a note, write anything in this note which you want to send in your mobile. Finally click on send option.

4. Set an Alarm: Open on your PC web browser. Now go to the “set an alarm” page. Here you can choose your desired time and click set an alarm for your phone.

5. Set a Reminder: Open on your PC web browser. Now go to the “set a remainder” page. Here you can type your remainder notes and click “remind me on devices” option.

Let’s try the above tricks and share your experience with us by leaving comment in the comment box below. And if you have any suggestion then you are feel free to share with us.

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