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how to enhance volume quality or audio Sound level on Android?


You’ve perhaps faced the issue that the audio sound emitted from a Smartphone is very dull, partially as a result of the hardware design and style exactly where stereo system audio speakers are placed on the backward of the Smartphone. It’s tough to modify this little and depressing detail while the audio quality on Android frequently leaves significantly to be expected. You will find but some tips and trick you could potentially give a try.

Whoever considered that it was best if you fit the speaker output on the backside of a phone? Really like me, most position the Smartphone screen up. Furthermore, the volume level is often bad quality anyway. The reality is that, there is not any magic formula to modify this unsatisfying issue, however there are several ways to improve the bass or other details.

To make improvements to sound quality whenever playing music

Reinforcing the bass can noticeably improve your music audio sound quality experience. You will find more than one app to fix this issue available in the Google Play Store. One of the most effective is Music Volume EQ.

 music volume EQ

Features and attributes:

* Media channel volume level control

* Five band equalizer

* Bass raise effect

* Virtualizer impression

* 9 equalizer presets

* Save personalized presets

* Stereo led Visualized meter

* Personal Home screen widget

* Lock media channel volume level


Compatible with majority of the Music players like:

* Android™ Music Player

* Winamp

* Google Music

* MixZing

* Poweramp



Installing and operation:

* Insert Music Volume EQ widget on Personalized home screen.

* Inserted headphones

* Switch on the music player and play your favorite songs

* Click Music Volume EQ widget and fine tune audio level and frequency.

* To save personalized preset click Save Preset on list and create preset name. To remove preset, a long press on the name of the already created preset and click on delete.

* To close program and take out from Status Bar long press program   power button.

Did you realize a noticeable difference to the volume level?
Do you have any tips or tricks of any alternative ways or software applications to enhance the audio output of your personal Android Smartphone? Then Share with us.

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