How to build an effective internet presence for success in business

Success in business

Techniques Here is a quick whirlwind tour of some specific techniques that will help you build an Effective Internet Presence for success in business, starting with some real simple, free, and easy techniques and moving on to more labor and perhaps cost intensive. No attempt is made to be all inclusive here, and even if I attempted that, it would be out of date before I finished!

Easy, Quick, and Cheap/Free- Social Networking Sites:

Most social networking sites allow you to join for free and then setup a “profile” – essentially information about yourself you want to share, and then “connect” with other people you know who are also using that social networking site. Most social networking sites allow much more, and they all differ. Most allow you to create and join subgroups and communicate with fellow members. Apparently in Facebook I can even “poke”, “dry hump”, and “throw a cake at” my Facebook “friends.” There are more social networking sites than you can effectively join. Some have high search engine visibility; some have none but can be very useful for networking.

Some social networking and similar sites include,,,, (which allows you to create your own social networks),,,,,, and at least a few hundred others. Three that have high Internet visibility, that is the search engines love, at least today, are LinkedIn,, and We’ll look at two in more detail, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Leaving Comments on Targeted Blogs:

Another fantastic quick technique to help build an Effective Internet Presence is to leave thoughtful comments on targeted blogs in your area of expertise. How do you find appropriate blogs? Use a blog search engine. I recommend and use Let’s say you are a direct marketing (DM) specialist. You should be reading some of the excellent marketing blogs with a DM slant and leaving insightful comments, as opposed to just “I agree” and “good post” type comments. You might read and occasionally comment on Bob Bly’s Blog, Dianna Huff’s Marcom Writer Blog, Robert Rosenthal’s Freaking Marketing, as well as others. When you leave a comment, you’ll be asked for your name (What’s Your Name?) & your blog or Website (you can use your LinkedIn or other profile if you don’t have one). The search engines will index and display some of these comments when people search on your name, adding to your Internet presence.

Online Book Reviews:

Did you know that Amazon book reviews are indexed by the search engines, and that Amazon will also let you set up a profile, which can include a full bio, photo, and much more? Reviewing books in your field, and setting up an appropriate profile, is a relatively easy way to jumpstart an Effective Internet Presence. Also reading and writing reviews of books in your field is a great way to position yourself as an expert.

Writing Articles:

The Internet lives for content, and creating content is not hard. It’s pretty easy to write articles, ranging from a mere 200 words (a long email!), to much longer. It’s also trivial to get them published. Two strategies, one very very (very) simple:

  1. Article Directories: You can write and submit short articles to “Article Directories.” Article directories have large numbers of articles that others can freely download and use on their Websites, blogs, newsletters, etc. Why would you do this? Give away your content? Article directories allow you to append a “resource box” to your articles, which is a few lines of text about you that can even include links to your Website, blog, or maybe LinkedIn profile. Anyone who uses your articles must include this resource box. Effective Internet Presence: Now required for success in business and life Ted Demopoulos 25 To find article directories, yup, you got it, google “article directories”. The most important, the 800 pound gorilla of articles directories, is and it simply rocks from the Effective Internet Presence perspective. Ezinearticles also allows you to create a profile, and the search engines love Ezinearticles profiles.
  1. Articles on Targeted Websites: Website owners often want more content, especially if they don’t need to produce it. Look around, using the search engines, and you may find sites in your niche that are open to content. Some of these sites may openly solicit content, or you may need to ask. For example, I do a lot of work with Information Security and have articles published on InfoSec Writers and the SANS Institute’s Web site. I also do a lot of work with business blogging and have written articles for the blogs Problogger, The International Association of Online Communicators blog, and Build a Better Blog. The terms ‘guest blogging’ and ‘guest post’ are typically used when referring to writing articles for blogs.

By Creating Blogs:

A blog, a specific kind of Web site, is perhaps the best way to get an Effective Internet Presence, but blogs are not for everyone. Although little or no technical knowledge is necessary, a blog requires regular updating, usually in the form of writing something intelligent at least once a week. A “personal blog,” which is much like an online journal, probably won’t help you much. No one cares what you had for breakfast, if you have a runny nose, or wants to see pictures of your cat or new sweater. A “business blog,” a blog that is focused on something you are passionate about, perhaps your industry or work, will do wonders for your Internet presence. It doesn’t NEED to be work related as long as it’s professional and shows you in a great light. For example a blog that mentioned you were a software developer, or mason, or whatever, but focused on a charity you were intimately involved with would work well. Entire books have been written on blogging. I’ve even written a couple, and I blog on business blogging – you can google me to find it easily! You can start a blog in a few minutes at (I use it) or

You can read also our post: 4 best free blogging platform to create a blog for free

Launching a Web sites:

How can we not mention Web sites? Companies need Web sites. Independent professionals need Web sites. My cleaning lady and mechanic have Web sites. You should probably have a Web site too (or perhaps a blog, a special type of Web site. See below). Your Web site can highlight your accomplishments, much like a resume (called a CV or curriculum vitae by most of the world), but in a much more detailed, effective, and less dry and boring fashion. It can include pictures of you, articles you’ve written, links, video and audio, and just about anything you like (smell-o-vision anyone?). Entire books have been written about Web sites, yet still many Web sites (including stupidly expensive corporate Web sites) simply suck! A Web site doesn’t have to be expensive — most shouldn’t be. Forget high tech bells and whistles and concentrate on simple and easy to use. It should be immediately obvious to a visitor what the Web site is about: is it for a company that sells green widgets, or is it some type of “Web portfolio” for an individual? Don’t make visitors guess. They won’t, they’ll leave instead!

I think the above post is really help you to build an effective internet presence for success in business. If you have liked this post then share it. If you want to add more suggestion in this list then share with us by leave a comment in the comment box below

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