Google Shoelace – New Start for Social Network for Connects People?

google shoelace social network

[dropcap txtcolor=”#dd3333″ style=”dropcap1″]T[/dropcap]he failure of Google Plus anyone could publicly pursue. But the search engine giant does not give up and apparently still pursues the idea of serious competition to Facebook. But now Google has rethought its approach and apparently pulled the right conclusions from the end for Google Plus. More and more social media elements are finding their way into the existing platforms in order to give the people who work there more opportunities.

In addition, Google is launching another project, Shoelace, which links event and interest-based contacts. Shoelace is supposed to serve as a hyperlocal network and bring people together for common activities. Who has the same interests in the local environment should be able to contact each other via Shoelace and thus make new friends. Members can create their own events, invite friends and strangers, or attend events. Of course, the network can also propose events based on past preferences.

Currently, the app is only available by invitation and in New York City, which should also fuel the hype. Depending on the feedback, Google might be able to roll it out for other areas in the future. If you feel like a round of sports in the park around the corner, you can enter this activity and be found underneath by other members. Shoelace is supposed to connect real people, instead of making online contacts. In the future, of course, integration of Google Shoelace in Google Maps is conceivable.

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How Google services are increasingly evolving towards social networking

Even in the already established Google services, the US group integrated more and more social media features. So Google Maps gets more and more features that turn it into a social network that wants to bring customers and business owners together better and better. You can follow your own favorite restaurant, owners can write their own posts and inform about news or customers can contact by operator short message. Because users often end up searching Google Maps via the search, they do not necessarily have to use another platform, for example, to ask questions. Google My Business and YouTube are also becoming more open and have now integrated chat features. On YouTube, you can now follow friends or send videos.

Instead of a large social network, Google is building a network of many different platforms, which are getting more and more functions step by step. Google has learned from their own mistakes and those of the competition and offers users exactly what fits the respective service. On YouTube, users expect different features and behave differently than on Google Maps. Additional services like Google Shoelace take only a small place in the big Google network. As the parent company ultimately retains control of all its services, Google decides how all platforms might be connected in the future.

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The Reasons for Out of Google Plus

Google Plus had a hard time after the first hype consistently. The image of a dead network full of cardiacs never got rid of it. Google Plus was quite innovative in parts: Sharing posts for specific audiences, grouping friends, and fresh design prompted its major competitor, Facebook, to make similar adjustments, but never succeeded in taking a serious threat to the industry leader. Although Google repeatedly tried to incentivize members of other platforms to join Google Plus, YouTube users never had a serious interest in it. Google is obviously trying a different way to because the appeal of a comprehensive network is simply irresistible from the perspective of Google.

How do you see the development? Could Google Shoelace succeed?

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