How to Get an Insight about Your Facebook Audience?

Facebook Audience Insight

We, marketers, are advised a multitude of things to make sure that we are taking the right step for the business. One of the most heard suggestions is making the social media posts as per the needs of your audience.

So when we talk about social media, then nothing apart from Facebook is the name that comes first in our mind. This is one of the most followed social media that is being used for personal as well as business use. Due to its vast follower, it is the first choice of marketers.

Even when it’s fine to craft posts as per the audience, but before that how would you know who the individuals are? And what type of contents they actually prefer? When it is about successful execution of the social media strategy, you definitely need to get the answer to these two questions. And the only way to get the answer to these questions is by checking social media analytics and the data.

Well, in today’s blog we will discuss more about the various ways of making use of the data to check more about the social media presence. Today we will talk about the ways to find more about your Facebook Audience.

Ways To Find More About Social Media Audience:

Well, there are many tools available in the market, to find in depth about the followers, you can rely on these platforms.

  • Facebook: Graph Search, Page Insights, and Audience Insights

Graph Search:

Like other tools which give information about the pages that are liked by the audience, the graph search tells you about the pages they liked.

For this, you need to type “Pages liked by people who like (page name)” on search bar present at the top of the Facebook page. You will find a section as “Pages liked by people who like (page name)” on the results. Just as the title says, those are the pages liked by the fans.

Note: Results might prioritize your friends and therefore you can actually find which friend of yours likes your Facebook page.

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Page Insights:

Besides finding Facebook fans’ interest, locations, and demographics, you can actually dig more inside by knowing the weeks or days they mostly use Facebook.

This you can find in the page insights, just below the “Post” tab. You will find a section named, “When your fans are online”. You can get detailed information from here like “Days” where you can find the number of Facebook fans stays active on a particular day. Below that, the section “Times” shows on which time of the day your fans were active. This is checked to find the best time to post your content on the social media.

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Audience Insights:

This is the most effective and informative tools that help to get a detailed insight about the fans. If you still don’t know how to get an access to the audience insights:

  • Step #1 Find the drop-down menu in the top right corner of the Facebook page
  • Step #2 Click on “Manage Ads”
  • Step #3 Check the “Facebook Ads” menu
  • Step #4 Select the “Audience Insights”

Once you have entered the page, select “People connected to your page and then type the page name that you can find under Connections and Pages.

If it is still not customized, it has been set to the default “All United States” under the tag “Location”. You can click on a specific location or global view and then click the cross. And now you can find who the Facebook fans are.

You will find various tabs; one of them is the “Demographics”. Here you can get information like:

  • Lifestyle
  • Age and gender distribution
  • Education level
  • Relationship status
  • Job title

In the “Page Likes”, you will be getting this information:

  • Top categories liked by your fans
  • Pages that might be liked by your fans

In the “Location”, you can find

  • Top languages
  • Top countries
  • Top cities

Other than these, you can also get an insight about these few:

  • Activity – This section includes devices usage and activities they are doing
  • Purchase – This section says about their purchase behavior
  • Household– This section includes their income, household size and much more

With these three tools, you can get an idea about your audience in Facebook. The more you get to know about your Facebook Audience, the more you can take necessary step for better promotion. So make sure that you follow above-mentioned points to know in details and check audience behavior.

These three tools are very helpful for me and I hope, it will be similarly helpful for you too. Do hit the like if you find it helpful and if you have other ideas, feel free to share your ideas. Also, do share the content to let others know about marketing. If you want regular updates, do subscribe to my blog.

This was all for today. Till the next time, keep promoting and improve your business.

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