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9 best apps of the year on Google Play, According to Google.

best apps of the year on Google Play

Once again Google has announced what the best apps of the year have been within nine categories that you can find within Google Play. This year the classification differs a bit from the past editions of the Google Play Awards, since categories such as “the most beautiful video game” and even “best experience in the living room” has been included.

Among the best apps of the year you can find both popular apps and some new apps, so take note of these suggestions and give them an opportunity on your Android device.

1. Best discovery: Slowly

It seems easy, but meeting people in the digital age is not so easy. Slowly is an app dedicated to you meets more people to establish friendship, but in the traditional way, remember your friends by mail? Slowly allows you to send letters, that is, “slow” messaging to people around the world and choose them according to their interests and language.

best apps of the year on Google Play

2. Best wellness app: Woebot

One of the novelties among the best apps of the year is this category that rewards the application that “allows people to live the best version of their lives” and in this edition WoeBot has been the winning app.

It is a chatbot with which you talk day by day, recording your mood and that will help you to create skills to reduce stress using cognitive-behavioural therapy tools.

best apps of the year on Google Play

3. Best accessibility experience: Envision AI

Within this category are awarded the best apps of the year that enable interaction on the mobile to people with special needs or disabilities. This year Envision AI was the winner, since it is able to describe by voice what it captures with the camera of the mobile and even read text, so it is very useful for those who have vision problems.

best apps of the year on Google Play

4. Most beautiful video game: Shadowgun Legends

In itself this category rewards that video game with better graphics and Shadowgun Legends, a multiplayer action shooter has been chosen for the great quality and creativity in its graphics.

best apps of the year on Google Play

5. Better social impact: Wisdo

This category rewards the best apps of the year that have achieved a positive impact in the communities. Wisdo is an app that connects people who share tastes or experiences, including negative ones such as loneliness, low self-esteem or anxiety in order to feel moral support and receive advice.

best apps of the year on Google Play

6. Best experience in the living room: Neverthink

Boring? Neverthink will help you with recommendations of videos, and without thinking too much, you will be able to throw yourself in the room to see the amount of audiovisual material you want. It is compatible with Chromecast so you can send it to the TV and without having to move.

best apps of the year on Google Play

7. Most inventive App: Tick ​​Tock

No, do not get confused, it’s not the social network of TickTock microvideos, but Tick ​​Tock , a collaborative puzzle video game and with it, it offers a unique multiplayer experience against the clock.

best apps of the year on Google Play

8. Best app for emerging markets: Canva

Maybe you have already used Canva , a platform to quickly design posters or any kind of images. The app of this graphic editor has been the winner in this category due to its great optimization.

best apps of the year on Google Play

9. Most innovative videogame: Marvel Strike Force

It has high quality graphics with Marvel characters as protagonists. Marvel Strike Force has elements of role and strategic combat, which has led him to win this category.

best apps of the year on Google Play

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