Android trending gaming top 5 apps of 2015

Android trending gaming top 5 apps of 2015

The exciting world of gaming has entrapped kids and adults and new apps are creating a furor in the gaming world. With both free and paid apps available, gamers have a large choice to take a pick from. These are games that make you utilize various skills and tactics in order to play the game successfully. Whether you wish to race or solve a deadly murder case, there are games that match your age, skill set, interests, experience and age. These games are constantly updated and upgraded to higher levels.

Let’s have a look at the top 5 apps in 2015 which every gamer is playing and if you are a gamer, these must be downloaded on your android without fail. You can download discount coupons from CouponDekho as not apps are free.

1. Angry Birds Space: This free game is definitely worth trying your hand at and it has introduced some interesting play concepts. It has a space based set-up and every level is based on different planets. To cross each level you need different tactics and even the puzzles would have you entrapped as they need to be solved thoughtfully. Angry Birds lovers simply love this game and can play it endlessly.

2. Stick Cricket: Stick Cricket is another fantastic free and simple game that makes you enjoy the game of cricket even more. You can hit the ball as hard as you want without bothering about the field positioning. It may take some time to master the game, but once you have managed to do so, it can be really interesting smashing every ball coming your way. This is a good practice game and helps you become a good hitter to master the game of cricket.

3. Monument Valley: This free game is like a dreamland to play in. It has various geometric shapes that one could never imagine and colorful maps that rotate and bend in nature defying ways. You can do impossible tasks like walking on walls, flipping walls, turning walls into floors and feel almost like a superhuman. It comes with ten levels that provide you with a joyful gaming experience. The Happily unmarried coupons are arriveable in online and hurry up to get it fast.

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4. Badland: Enter the big, bad and gloomy world which seems quite “Indie” in its overall look and feel and is Free. You start with a blob that gets smaller and bigger by splitting into mini clones to confuse the player even more. Every corner has a clone waiting for you and baffling you all the more as you never know what lies in the next corner.

5. Plague Inc: This is a very interesting and tough game that involves strategy making as you have to protect mankind from the Evil. You develop viruses that can spread all over via water, air, humans and destroy all that they come in contact with. This game gives you the feel of being a messiah who is working hard to protect his earth with diligence and fighting against all odds. As you go ahead the fight becomes trickier and dangerous.

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