Android M developer preview with new features

Android M Developer Preview

On 28th May 2015, Google introduced the Android M developer preview of the most recent version of Android. As typical, this most awaited version, Android M, will likely be out shortly in the year. However, people that have selected Nexus devices can install the preview starting today. Here’s everything you can be expecting in the next version of Android.

  Android M new features:

  1. You Now Can Take Advantage Of Much more Control Over App Permissions: One of the primary issues with Android seeing as the very early stages was the all-or-nothing strategy it took to permissions. You will need to a choice between give an app permission to make use of all the stuff it asked for, or otherwise not install it in anyway. In Android M, permissions will manage much more akin to iOS. You can easily install an app without giving it huge amount of permissions right from the start. When it likes to use your microphone or camera, as an example, it will ask you whenever the app requires it. You will afterwards revoke that permission in order to defend against the app from making use of your microphone in case you don’t expressly enable it. This certainly will help out fix the problem of applications simply asking huge amount of permissions without consequently enlightening what they’re for.App Permission
  2. End of Passwords,PIN or Pattern, Now introduced Fingerprint Support: Android M will likely be the very first version of Android that provides support for fingerprints at the API level. Which means that if your smart phone has a fingerprint scanner, applications are able to use your fingerprint for verification instead of a password, PIN or Pattern. That includes applications like password managers, as well for payment options, just like Android Pay.Fingerprint Support
  3. Simplified Volume Controls: Android Lollipop altered the way volume controls functioned. The alterations were bothersome ample that Google in itself publicly stated that the new version was dreadful. However, the organization also introduced that the new volume controls in Android M tends to make it less complicated to personalize the system volume, music volume, or alarm volume separately.Simplified volume controls
  4. Direct Share Allows You To Send Stuff to your  Personal contacts: The Share menu in Android is currently very decent, but it is also an issue to send pics or links to personal contacts. Android M has a completely new feature named as Direct Share that gives you swift links to sharing messages with an individual person directly via a specific app. So, in the event you continuously send your significant other pics through Hangouts, Android M will comprehend this pattern and provide you with a single control key to let you share directly with the person.Direct Share
  5. Better Text Selection with a Floating Toolbar: Text selection are generally supremely bothersome on every single mobile device, but Android isn’t usually main that pack. The new version of Android will incorporate advanced text selection that are designed to highlight text one word at a time. Then you can tug the handle backwards to select by the letter. Perhaps most usefully , Android M offer a floating toolbar that features cut, copy, and paste control keys, so you won’t required to figure out the incomprehensible icons in the Action Bar ever again.Better Text Selection

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