51 computer shortcut keys to control Microsoft Outlook


Today Microsoft Outlook is used by most of person to get their mail directly to their desktop console program. Once configure it and then get email right to outlook Inbox. Microsoft Outlook is a software which is used to receive mail to its Inbox without open your Webmail, only you need to configure once with your Webmail. Using keyboard shortcuts, you can save your much time to perform any task. In this post I will going to tell you about computer shortcut keys for Microsoft Outlook controls. Anyone can easily learn, be expert and have good command over the outlook.

Microsoft Outlook Shortcut Keys:

  1. Ctrl+N: Mail message
  2. Ctrl+shift+S: Post in this folder
  3. Ctrl+shift+E: folder
  4. Ctrl+shift+P: search folder
  5. Ctrl+shift+A: appointments
  6. Ctrl+shift+Q: meeting request
  7. Ctrl+shift+C: Contact
  8. Ctrl+shift+L: Distribution list
  9. Ctrl+shift+K: task
  10. Ctrl+shift+V: task request
  11. Ctrl+shift+J: Journal entry
  12. Ctrl+shift+N: note
  13. Ctrl+shift+X: Internet fax
  14. Ctrl+R: Reply
  15. Ctrl+shift+R: reply to all
  16. Ctrl+F: Forward
  17. Ctrl+shift+B: Address book
  18. Ctrl+D: delete mail
  19. Ctrl+shift+V: move to folder
  20. Ctrl+Q: mark as read
  21. Ctrl+V: Mark as unread
  22. Alt+F1: navigation page off
  23. Alt+F2: To do bear off
  24. Ctrl+1: Mail
  25. Ctrl+2: Calendar
  26. Ctrl+3: Contacts
  27. Ctrl+4: Tasks
  28. Ctrl+5: Notes
  29. Ctrl+6: folder list
  30. Ctrl+7: Shortcuts
  31. Ctrl+8: Journal
  32. Ctrl+Y: folder
  33. Ctrl+alt+M: mark to download message
  34. Ctrl+alt+V: unmark selected headers
  35. Ctrl+alt+S: define send/receive groups
  36. Ctrl+E: Internet search
  37. Ctrl+alt+W: expand the query builders
  38. Ctrl+alt+A: search all mail items
  39. Ctrl+alt+K: search desktop
  40. Ctrl+shift+F: advanced find
  41. Alt+F8: Macros
  42. Alt+f11: Visual basic editor
  43. F1: outlook help
  44. Ctrl+alt+J: mark as not junk
  45. Ctrl+alt+F: forward as attachment
  46. Alt+E: email current photo
  47. Ctrl+C: Copy current photo file to clipboard
  48. Alt+O: open current photo in other application e.g Paint
  49. Ctrl+P: Print picture
  50. Ctrl+D: Move image to recycle bin
  51. Alt+P: Picture Print menu open

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