5 Reasons Why You Need To Use Video Marketing For Small Business?

Video Marketing For Small Business

Future in now and therefore you need work with the latest change. No more texts are enough as this is the future where video has taken the place of every other thing. Marketers are well aware of the need for making videos when it comes to marketing. As per the latest research, it has been observed that 63% of the businesses make use of video content marketing. From this, 82% of the businesses have video content marketing included in their marketing strategy. The trend is fueling in a way that very soon it is going to be one of the greatest ways to get good in ROI.

There is no doubt that video marketing for small business and branded organization is the latest addition in the promotional technique. But are still in doubt? Are you thinking it is worthy to make use of videos for business promotion? Have you made proper research ?

If you are in a dilemma about whether it is worth it or not, then the answer is very simple, yes, it is. The answer is very simple and you have heard it from your mentors as well. When you can read, see and hear a thing, it tends to attract more than just an audio or text.

Further we will discuss more about it and check the top few reasons that show why you need to start video marketing.

1. Boosts Your Sales and Conversion:

Let’s talk the first things first. Only video marketing can reward you with serious money irrespective of the genre you are into. When you add a video on the landing page, it can increase the conversion rate upto 80%. YouTube is one such platform that has over millions of viewers in a day and which says it all.

I don’t know whether you have an idea about it or not but video is one such thing that can lead to sales. In a study it has been seen that over 74% of the users have observed especially the explainers that their productivity has increase. So the better you make it, the more you get from it.

If you properly think about it, you can see that it is not at all surprising as when information is transmitted to our brain in visual form, it becomes much more effective. Pictures can definitely boost the sales rate, but video can offer great result.

2. Builds Trust:

Trust is the primary step to build better relationship with your customers. The more customers or viewers get the trust on you, the more you are going to get the reward. But when you want to build trust, it should be like a goal that you set. The entire concept of this content marketing is corely based on making long term relationship and building the trust factor. Don’t sell but provide them with good and genuine information about the product to invite them. Once they start getting genuine reviews, they will start checking your reviews prior to making a purchase.

Today’s audience needs something extra than just texts and video does it all. It helps to get more engagement and also ignite your emotions. And when we are talking about building trust, one of the most powerful social media platforms is YouTube which helps to promote the brand.

Promotional plus explainer video increases the trust factor as most of the customers are skeptical before buying something. When you make your video in a conversational tone, you tend to gain confidence and increase your followers. Video marketing for small business can proffer best results in the competitive scenario when it is about building the trust factor.

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3. Videos Attracts Mobile Users:

When it is about mobiles, videos are the nest thing that will come into discussion. Trust me or not, over 90% of the consumers spend time by watching their favorite videos on their smartphones. Since 2013, videos have taken a huge leap and today it has gone over 233%. As per the YouTube reports on mobile video, it has been observed that the consumption is growing every year. Since people like watching videos and the number of smartphone users are constantly rising, irrespective of the year your video views will grow every year.

Furthermore, recent study made by Google shows that the number of smartphone users are twice then TV viewers and a huge of 14 times more than desktop viewers. The more you make videos, the more you start promoting yourself.

4. Videos Can Be A Good Explainer:

Are you about to launch a new product or service in the market? The best idea is to create videos showing how it works or an explainer. Almost 98% of the users say that they have watched the video to learn more about their service and products. This is the reason why 45% of the marketers make use of videos to explain their service or products. From those, 83% put their video in the home page for better results.

If you are trying to explain any difficult concept, it’s better to create an animated video. Animation can bring texts into life and moving texts and pictures makes it appealing for the viewers.  Animated videos are simple, can be made easily, understandable and entertaining.

Make sure that the video has less text and more pictures. Simple yet appealing is the key to draw viewers’ attention to your video.

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5. Even The laziest Buyers Get Influenced From Videos:

Even in today’s date, you will find users who are very lazy when it comes to make online purchase, but a video can influence even them. In today’s busy schedule, everyone looks for something that takes less time to understand. When they are able to get a complete view of the product from the video, they actually get interested in buying it, of course if the product has something appealing.

Video marketing has become the one top way to promote your products or service. Even if you want to make your viewers understand about your service or product, rather than opting for writing a lengthy content, to cut it short make a video and tell them about it.

Video marketing for small business can be very effective and proffer great results. Try it today.

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