5 Marketing Analytic tools to track your online performance

Marketing Analytic tools

Conversion is the main aim for every webmaster or marketers. So, you need to track how your campaign and strategy is effective for your business? Now tracking and find analytic of your website visitor is not much costlier. Some free analytic tools are available online which is enough for small size or startups.

These marketing analytic tools helps us to know visitor behavior, which techniques need to refine and adjusting your content to get even better result. These marketing analytic tools will boost your marketing effort and increase the conversion goals.

Let’s start and try to know how this marketing analytic tools helps us:

1. Google Analytics (Free Tool): google analyticsGoogle Analytic is free marketing tool, which gives detailed analysis and statistic about all the visitors who visit our website. It is the easiest and robust marketing tool available in the market. This is used by over 55% of the top website owners of marketer across the globe. With Google Analytics you will find- From where your visitor is coming, how much time they spend on your website, which device is using by them and much more things. When you enter into Google Analytic dashboard then you will find more detailed report and behavior about your visitors.

This is the perfect marketing analytics tool for small businesses or startups. Its offer enough report which is required for someone to track visitor’s details. When I listen, google analytics is not enough for us, then frankly I said that they have no idea how to use it properly.

2. Crazy Egg (Starting from $9 to $99/month): Crazy Egg - Visualize where your visitors clickIt work like an x-ray, which provide details analysis of your visitors. It builds heat maps of your visitor using which you can track your visitor every action done on your website. It allows you to track every parts of website and finding most interesting pages where your visitor love to spend their most time. For conversion, it will track your website improvements list with places and suggest you. Its 30-days money back guarantee is really touch every website owner or marketer to try it once.

3. Compete(Prices vary): compete- Measuring digital performance for 15 yearsCompete is a great marketing analytics tool to known for publishing estimate number of visitors worldwide. Compete gives us creative intelligence on what our competitors do to create their campaign successful and how your users behavior on your website. It also suggests which marketing tactics is beneficial for you and which tactics fall flat. You can track the keywords, which sending visitor to you and your competitor both. Compete is the complete tools which gives you details analysis to make better decision to optimize your content and digital campaign.

4. iPerceptions (Free): iPerceptions-Voice of Customer Analytics SolutionsIt is a totally free survey solution available online which allows you to know about your website visitors. Its help to find out “WHY” the visitor is looking for your website, “WHAT” the main reason behind this to visit your website. It’s basically for understand your customer what they are doing around your website. Survey are the best way to know about your visitor by proving a short survey form that answer some key questions. you want these answer from every visitor, who visit your website.

5. Optimizely (Price Starting from $19 to $399/month):Optimizely AB Testing and Personalization Platform It is very simple dashboard to use but its result is very effective and powerful. Its provide A/B testing, using which it is easy to improve your website campaign and measure your website performance.Using this tool, we can create some experiments with your website and measure the performance easily using its visual interface. Due to no programming knowledge or zero coding, this analytic tool is very easy to use.

Try this tools and share your experience with us. If you have want to share anything with us regarding analytic tools then leave a comment and discuss on it. For more latest update SUBSCRIBE US.

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