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Today, I want to give you a really powerful tip, how to make sure that your email is really going to perform well before you actually hit that send button. Obviously you’ve spent a lot of time writing a great email so you want that to pay off, but how do you actually know that’s going to happen?

The answer is that you need to have a little checklist that you run through before you, before you send out your email and that covers some key elements that have to be right before you’re happy sending out that email. So what kind of things should you look out for? On our checklist we have five and I’m going to run through them with you right now.

Checklist 1: The very first one is, is there a really clear message? That is the key to the success of your email. There’ll be a key idea that you want to convey, just one, any more than that is confusing for your readers. So you need to look at your email again with fresh eyes. Does that idea that I wanted to convey really come across in a very clear way? If not you need to really go back the drawing board and look at that again.

Checklist 2: The second thing that we look at, and that you should be looking at as well, is emotion. So look back at your copy does it actually elicit an emotional response from your readers? Does it connect to them in a very real way that means your email can’t just be very logical and full of facts it needs to really connect to people’s emotions, talk about their real experiences and really get them to feel something. Because that is the way that people buy. They buy when they feel an emotional connection and when you have made them feel how deep their problem is, and how much they want a solution, not just told them that.

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Checklist 3: The third thing that we will look at, and that you should be looking at as well, is does the email open and close in a really powerful way? Once people have actually opened your email you have a matter of about two or three seconds to really get them interested in what you’re saying, otherwise they will just close it and go read something else. So you want to go look at the first few lines. Are you telling a really great story? Do you have some kind of amazing fact or some kind of amazing, really interesting statement to start off with? When you do that people are much more likely to stick with you and to carry on reading. But you also want to look at the end, you don’t want it to fizzle out at the end, you really want to end with a bang as well. So look at the opening, look at the end, are those both really powerful?

Checklist 4: The fourth thing that you’re going to look out for is the flow of your email. Again, read it through with objective eyes. Does it read well? Are there any bits that just stick out a little bit and don’t really fit in? Is the grammar right? Are there are any typos? You want to make it as easy as possible for people to read this and for it to be a pleasant experience for them. That means looking at the technical aspects as well. How does it flow? How does it read? And making sure that the answer is really well.

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Checklist 5: Last but not least number five, you want to make sure that there is a really strong call-to-action on the email. Go back, look again what you’re actually asking your readers to do at the end of the email. You don’t want them just to read it and then go off do something else. There will always be another step that you want them to take. Whether that is downloading a piece of content, going to look at a landing page, maybe it’s even watching a video, contacting you, booking some kind of strategy session with you. You want them to read that email and then take and then take another action that will bring them one step closer to actually working with you or buying from you. So look at whether there is a call to action, look at how strongly and how well that call to action is conveyed and make sure that it is as strong as possible, because that is the key to actually getting results from your email.

Now you should have a checklist as I said, if you work with a team, if you have a team that writes or emails for you, give them the checklist and you use that checklist when you’re looking over that copy, but it’s really useful as a reminder for yourself as well as you’re writing the email, which bits really need to work in order for this email to help power your business fo


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