3 SEO Benchmarks And Optimization Tips To Rank Well In 2018

SEO Benchmarks And Optimization Tips

With more and more updates, it is becoming hard for the online marketers to reach the level, especially when they are new to the market. But the worst part is, yesterday’s rules will be no more valuable today which brings the need for having complete knowledge about it. Today we will start focusing more on the industrial studies.

All you need to know that this is a game and a challenge that needs knowledge to overcome. For those who are a fresher in this game, they definitely need to know about it in details. To those, here we will discuss more about ranking factor and the main ingredients that catalyses the rank in the top SERPs.

 With the shift in the Google trend, no more SEO is easy to do. Nomore throwing bunch of not to valuable links and waiting for Google to rank higher is there as now Google value those websites that have useful links. This is definitely a place from where link building came.

The SEO technique of 2008 is lot more different than the SEO technique that you need to follow in 2018. There has been a difference of hell and heaven between the techniques. This is why today we will discuss about the top 5 most effective SEO benchmarks to rank higher in 2018.

  • Links
  • Content
  • Video

Now prior to getting into the details of these top 5 techniques, I need to make it clear to you that you some of the terms might sound new to you. Rankbrain for an instance might be something that you have heard for the first time, but Google is loud and clear about the fact that machine learning is going to undertake in 2018.


badbacklinks ranking factor

This year in 2018, links will play a major role in the ranking factor. Well, this is no more surprising as Google has already started stressing on social signals, but then again links are the actual path from where the power comes from. Even when these social signals can be very easily manipulated, but links are the real thing which gives website a real feel.

What Type of Links?

Well, definitely a very apt question as not all the links will give results.

If your website is being linked to another website that was spammy score and also low page rank then obviously it will not be of any help. This is named as Page Rank (PR) and Domain Rank (DR) where the quality is calculated from 0-100.

As the saying goes that when you associate with great people, you value increases and the same goes for Google as well. When you get your website attached to authoritative websites, you get better results by better ranking.

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This is one of the simplest ways to rank higher as it eliminates the need for paying for buying good links. Well you definitely need to have knowledge on writing and expressive as well, but if you can come with great contents, it will result in getting higher rank.

In a recent new, it has been found that the B2B marketing companies have been spending more of 33% now than it was late in 2016. The only reason behind getting such a peak is the amazing result that content marketing bestows. Moreover, Google loves rich and lengthy contents which make it a great choice for marketers.

This is the reason why most of the SEO companies have their own in-house writing team to make sure of a good content marketing and satisfy Google with rich contents.

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As we all know YouTube is a part of our daily life. Even when we are stuck with loads of work, we make time from it to take a peek to the latest video of our favorite genre. When we are talking about the second largest SE then why you are not yet thinking about making videos?

This can actually help you to get better ranking in Google as it is one of the major parts of 2018’s ranking factor. IF you are new and looking for great ways, then after the above major things, you need to emphasize more on creating videos that can go viral.

Do you even know that when you have a good YouTube video, it can help to rank higher in Google? So I hope you are able to understand what happens when you embed the code on your website. Yes, you are right as it helps in getting the website rank higher every day.

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Even when these are bit hard but when you are able to do it properly, you will be acquiring the best results. Also, you need to keep in mind that even when Google algorithm keeps in updating every year, the phrase “SEO is a time taking process” will remain the same even after years.

Google prefers genuine things and when you choose to be genuine throughout, Google will bestow the gift of high rank to the marketers. These SEO optimization tips can be a great technique for the marketers. It might be a little time taking but you will not have to struggle the penalty of something that is not genuine.

These few optimization tips can be great if you follow it. Hopefully, I was able to give you complete information that will be effective for you. Hit the like and share button if you feel it was valuable and for more such regular information, subscribe to my channel.

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