3 Best Instagram Tools To Share Multiple Links


Do you want to earn revenue from your Intagram bio link? Are you wondering if you could be able to share multiple links from Intagram? If you are still thinking or wondering, then it’s high time to put an end to it as here we will find out the top three best Intagram tools by which you will be able to serve the links to all the users clicking on your bio.

#1. Start promoting 5 links for one Intagram Account

When it is about promoting more than one link, Linktree can one of the simplest solutions to get more than what you can think from the Instagram bio. By implementing this tool, you will be able to generate the custom link which you can again include in the Instagram account.

When a user clicks on the custom link, they will be able to see the page of multiple links that you are willing to share. With Linktree, you have the authority to share maximum of five links.

Linktree is not only a great tool for sharing links, but it also has features like reporting the total click for each link, unlimited links and has three Linktree themes that you can use. Most importantly, these are available for free.

Linktree managing multiple Instagram links

Once you signup and become a user of this tools, you get the freedom to check the clicks, rearrange the links along with has the live preview of how the link will be shown in your Intagram account. It’s easy and manageable interface has made this tool the only choice for the marketers.

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#2 . Start managing multiple links for the Client Account

For the single user account, LnkBio works similarly like Linktree. Even when you use the free Link.Bio version, you will be able to get unlimited links. Unfortunately, this will not give you any branded URL like the way you can do in Linktree. But in its place, the Lnk.Bio will give you random unique URLs.

Well, there are also options available if you are looking for custom url. To obtain this, you require choosing one among the two plans. If you choose any of these plans, you also get an opportunity if link tracing, email support and statistics.

LnkBio managing multiple Instagram links

Even when Linktree and Lnk.Bio is similar but when it is about agencies, Lnk.Bio proves to be a helpful tool. It helps to manage multiple accounts at the same time.  For three accounts, the price starts from $1.99 and also gives you the permission of managing without the need for account credentials.

If you are someone who is handling an agency or has a marketing business, you require Lnk.Bio as it gives the freedom to handle multi accounts of the clients.

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#3. Show Many Links With Relevant Pictures

Just like the Lnk.Bio and Linktree, the Link in Profile shows the website link on your profile. However, the images will be used are taken from your Instagram post. Once the profile has been setup, you will be able to see the images appearing next to the list which your users can see once they click the bio.

The entire procedure of customizing the page of links is very simple. Each and every time you share a video or an image on your Instagram , the Link in Profile gives you the freedom to easily add the lost of links.

Link in Profile managing multiple Instagram links

This particular tool does not have the free version but will offer one month free trail option for the plans. Once you have successfully used the train plan, you will be asked to subscribe for the respective plans.

All you need is to become a member of this tool and start enjoying the multiple useful features that has been included here. Well, you also have the option to choose whether you would like to pin, hide or keep it visible on the page of links.

As we all know that Instagram is one of the top social media marketing that has the capability to draw thousands of users to your business when done right. This is the reason why, using these top 3 best Instagram tools prove to be very effective for your business and giving your users multiple ways to get connected to you.

So this was all about the Intagram tools. Hopefully, you find it helpful for you. If you did, do hit the like button and share your views in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for more such updates.


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