15 Ways to Protect Your Identity theft

Identity theft

Identity theft is the most used method to carry out criminal activity. It is the process of in which a person steal with personal identity and using it for other purpose without inform the first person. Identity theft can be carried out in 2 medium that is: online or Physically. We will talk about online identity theft here.

If you take some simple steps to protect your identity, you can save yourself many headaches in the future from identity theft:

Ways to to protect your identity theft:

Tip #1: Shred Your Junk Mail: When you get personal mail you don’t want, it’s easy to toss it aside or throw it out as-is. Always shred these documents so they don’t get into the wrong hands.

Tip #2: Visit Personal Websites Only From Your Home Computer: You can conduct personal business online through reputable websites, but do it on secure computers and not from public or work computers.

Tip #3: Keep Your Social Security Number Safe: Keep your social security card in a safe place other than your wallet. Also, keep documents private that use your social security number on your computer by protecting it with password.

Tip #4: Avoid Giving Personal Information Over the Phone: Be wary of anyone who wants to have your personal information over the phone, especially if they’re calling you and you’re not the one placing the call.

Tip #5: Use Only Reputable Websites: When online, do your research to ensure that you’re on the official website of the company with which you wish to do business.

Tip #6: Never Reply to Email Spammers: Never send messages to email spammers even if you already know it’s a scam. It’s best to report and delete these emails immediately.

Tip #7: Keep Up with the Latest Information: It seems that new ways to obtain your identity surface regularly, so stay tuned to the latest information on scammer’s techniques.

Tip #8: Ensure You’re Dealing With Legitimate Companies: Sometimes scammers try to make you believe that they’re employees of a certain company when, in fact, they have no connection to that company. Do your research and check up on these people before conducting business.

Tip #9: Read About Privacy Policies carefully: Almost every business has a privacy policy. See what information they need from you and why, so you don’t disclose more than they need.

Tip #10: Keep Track of Your Credit Report online: Keep a current copy of your credit report and learn what it all means.

Tip #11: Go Over Your Statements Each Month: Check your statements with a fine tooth comb to make sure that there’s nothing out of the ordinary.

Tip #12: Beware of Email Scams: Never give your personal information in an email and be aware of the latest scams circulating throughout the ‘net.

Tip #13: Always Think Twice Before Handing Out Personal Information: Whenever you’re asked for information on the internet, or on the phone, think twice and make sure that you’re giving it to a legitimate entity.

Tip #14: Purge All Personal Documents You No Longer Need: If you don’t need documents anymore, shredding them will ensure that no one else will ever see them.

Tip #15: Keep Your Passwords Hidden: Keep your passwords in a safe place so no one else can conduct business under your name.

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