10 Instagram Trends 2019 For Successful Instagram Marketing.

Instagram Trends for Successful Instagram Marketing

In June 2018 Instagram broke the 1 billion user mark. This makes Instagram one of the most successful and important social networks. Instagram allows brands to increase their visibility through visual messages. Unlike Facebook, the interaction rates are significantly higher. As a company, you can more easily connect with your target audience and build a relationship with your customers. Especially SMEs – ie small and medium-sized companies – are just discovering this potential.

However, success on Instagram requires an appropriate advertising strategy. And with regard to the ever-changing trends and ever-newer app functions, this needs to be continually adapted. Our Instagram Trends 2019 will help you develop the right strategy for a successful new Instagram year!

1. Use Instagram TV

On Instagram TV or IGTV for short we will see a lot more this year. Although there are so far only unofficial user numbers about 14 percent of the world’s Instagrammer IGTV – but already many creators and creators use the app to present their video content.

With the IGTV app introduced in June 2018, you can create videos up to 60 minutes long. These videos will then also appear in normal Instagram app. IGTV allows you to create rich content with little effort, delivering even more variety, entertainment and value to your subscribers.

2. Stories in the fast lane

The stories introduced in 2016 are nothing new. However, the developments prove that stories are still on the rise. For example, while Instagram Stories was used by around 200 million people in May 2017, the number has already doubled in July 2018. Also, the introduction of the highlights in December 2017 or the memories of the stories in the course of the feed indicate that Instagram itself pushes the story format. Should this trend continue, stories could overtake the still-used feed soon! Since stories are usually consumed by fast-forwarding in fast-forward, you should design the content so that they can be quickly grasped.

3. Creative Stories Ads with a clear message

The same is true for Stories ads, so ads that are shown between the stories. These, too, can quickly go under in the face of superficial consumer behavior. So here it is important to produce eye-catching, creative, and targeted content that stays in your memory, invites you to pause or interact. The playout to the right target group is just as important as a clear call to action. Since the ads often appear between the stories of their own friends, they should fit into the authentic and personal environment. Although this does not mean that a high quality standard should be abandoned. But the ads may be a bit more realistic and not too perfectly designed. Thus, the users do not perceive the advertising as too intrusive or disturbing.

4. Video, Video, Video!

Video is the new king in the social web! Thus, according to the VNI report from Cisco in 2021 around 82 of the total traffic generated by video. This trend will also affect the content and advertising landscape on Instagram. Already Instagram shows with formats like Stories or IGTV, that video moves more and more into the foreground. Also, the algorithm rewards videos with higher interaction rates, speaks for itself.

So, if you spend more time and resources on videos in 2019, you’re getting it right. Here you should pay attention to the right format. In general, videos in portrait format will become more and more important. In addition, you should optimize videos mobile so that they can be viewed on the go without sound. By the way, you do not have to organize a camera team right away for the production. Especially for smaller companies often enough apps like Inshot or Videoshop to create cool videos. In order to make your videos accessible to a larger audience, it is advisable to promote them.

5. More budget for Instagram Ads

In general, you should budget for more Instagram Ads in 2019, as competition for limited ad space will continue to increase. According to Hootsuite’s Social Media Trend Report 2019, social media budgets have already risen by about 32% in 2018. To claim you as an advertiser here, you should invest more money to target your audience. The goal is to use creative ads to generate high-quality interactions, for example, by encouraging discussions or offering users added value.

6. Extension of Instagram Shopping

According to Onlinemarketing.de, 70% of Generation Z in China are already shopping through social media. Although social shopping is not that far in Germany and the direct purchase within the platforms is often difficult. But it can be surmised that social commerce will be further expanded here as well. For example, Instagram Shopping in Stories already makes it possible to go straight from the product search to the cash register. If you have an online shop with products that match the classic Instagram themes (eg fashion, beauty, design, lifestyle, etc.), you should definitely set up an Instagram shop and keep watching the development in the shopping area. Because Instagram Shopping offers the great opportunity to showcase products in an inspirational environment.

7. Create offline experiences

The importance of Instagram has long since crossed the boundaries of the Internet and is taking up more and more space in everyday life – Instagram has become a lifestyle! So there are now studios that provide suitable backdrops for the perfect Instagram photo. Even companies such as cafes recognize the importance of “Instagram Offline” and create locations that are “Instagrammable”. These places invite you to take photos, post and link to the company or brand. Whether at a trade fair, in your shop or company building, if somehow there is the possibility to create such a location, use it!

8. More branded hashtags

Also the topic hashtags should not be missing in an Instagram trend report. As far as the number and selection of hashtags is concerned, nothing has changed. So you can still add up to 30 hashtags. The hashtags, in turn, should fit with your topics, audience, time of year, and / or location. However, it can be observed that companies are increasingly using branded hashtags. These have the advantage that you get user-generated content that you can then use again.

In addition, another trend is emerging. More and more people are following hashtags to stay up to date on trends in their niche. So if you want to know what’s working well on Instagram in your industry, it’s worth following hashtags.

9. Strengthen confidence

After the “crisis year 2018”, in which a data scandal chased the next and had to lose both social media channels and major influencers to trust, trust in the social web is becoming increasingly important.

Overall, your entire Instagram strategy should aim to gain the trust of your target audience. This means: delivering added value, authenticating personal content and stimulating high-quality interactions. Those who want to reward particularly loyal subscribers for their trust can add them for example to the friends list in the stories and share with them exclusive offers and discount codes.

10. Cooperations with Nano Influencers

In the area of ​​Influencer Marketing, it is advisable to concentrate on smaller accounts of so-called Nano Influencers in 2019. They have less than 5,000 fans, but a very loyal following, where they enjoy great confidence. By cooperating with suitable nano influencers you can increase your awareness, gain the trust of their subscribers and convert them into customers.

Conclusion: picking up on trends and adapting strategy

The Instagram world is constantly evolving. Again this year there are some new trends. If you adapt your strategy at an early stage and skillfully implement it, nothing stands in the way of a successful new year.

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